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June 26, 2022

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Are Babies the Key to the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence?

Babies can help unlock the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), according to neuroscientists who have just published new guiding principles for improving AI. The research examines the ...

Physical Abuse Less Likely When Spanking Is Eliminated

When parents in countries worldwide use spanking as a behavior deterrent, their children are more likely to become a victim of physical abuse, say ...

Parents' Unpredictable Behavior May Impair Optimal Brain Circuit Formation

Researchers are conducting pioneering research into the concept that unpredictable parental behaviors, together with unpredictable environment, such as lack of routines and frequent disasters, ...

How Sleep Builds Relational Memory

Researchers describe biological mechanism that allows sleep to build relational memories -- associations between unrelated ...
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Researchers Discover Solutions to Gender Bias in Autism Diagnoses

A new study demonstrates that an equal number of girls and boys can be identified as having concerns for autism spectrum disorder when screened earlier, correcting large gender differences in current ...

Who Benefits from Brain Training and Why?

If you are skilled at playing puzzles on your smartphone or tablet, what does it say about how fast you learn new puzzles, or, more broadly, how well you can focus, say, in school or at work? Or, in ...

A Smart Jumpsuit Tracks Infants' Motor Development

New wearable technology creates new possibilities for assessing the neurological development of young children. Early motor assessment is essential for supporting the early detection of ...

Shedding Light on Linguistic Diversity and Its Evolution

Scholars have created a new global repository of linguistic data. The project is designed to facilitate new insights into the evolution of words and sounds of the languages spoken across the world ...

30-Year Study Links Childhood Obesity and Fitness to Midlife Cognition

A new study of the impact of childhood fitness and obesity on cognition in middle age, followed over 1200 people who were children in 1985 for over 30 years, has found that better performance on ...

Dog-Assisted Interventions Lead to Lower Stress Levels in Children

Dog-assisted interventions can lead to significantly lower stress in children both with and without special needs, according to a new study using salivary cortisol ...

No Peers, No Beers: Research Shows Youth Substance Use Declined During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, youth spent more time at home with family and were more isolated from in-person interaction with peers. Largely due to this social isolation ...

Opioid Analgesic Fentanyl May Cause Autism-Like Behavior in Young Mice, Study Finds

A new study reveals that opioid analgesic fentanyl may induce autism-like behaviors in young male and female mice. The findings indicate that reduced expression of the gene Grin2b in the anterior ...

Children in Remote School Faced More Sleep, Behavior and Social Challenges

Elementary school-aged children enrolled in remote learning experienced greater behavioral, learning-related, and sleep difficulties compared with children receiving in-person instruction, according ...

Words Matter: How to Reduce Gender Bias With Word Choice

In the workplace, even subtle differences in language choice can influence the perception of gender, for better or worse. These choices fall into two main categories: minimizing the role of gender by ...

How Mother-Youth Emotional Climate Helps Adolescents Cope With Stress

Transition to middle school can be a stressful time for adolescents. They must adjust to a new peer group and social environment while going through the developmental changes of puberty. A recent ...

Pregnant Women's Drinking Correlates With Their Partner's Drinking

Pregnant women's use of alcohol correlates with that of their partner, a new study shows. Paying attention to both parents' use of alcohol may help to prevent drinking during pregnancy, as ...

Whole-Body Learning Can Boost Children's Letter Sound Recognition -- The First Step Toward Reading

Children who move while learning sounds of letters significantly improve their ability to recognize individual letter ...

How Mothers Calm Their Distressed Infants With Soothing Signals

This study demonstrates empirically, for the first time, that synchronized physiology between mothers and babies plays a role in soothing distressed infants, and that treating postpartum depression ...

Screen Time, Alcohol, and Poor Sleep for Girls: How the Pandemic Has Impacted Teens in Australia

A new study finds that Australian teens had overall improvements in sleep over the two years and some improvements in dietary choices during lockdown, but these were offset by increases in already ...

Team Sports Linked to Fewer Mental Health Difficulties for Kids

A large-scale study of U.S. children and adolescents has found that participation in a team sport is associated with fewer mental health difficulties, but that kids who are exclusively involved in an ...

Healthy Development Thanks to Older Siblings

During the first years of their lives, children develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills that will provide the foundations for their lifelong health and achievements. However, exposure to ...

Visual System Brain Development Implicated in Infants Who Develop Autism

New research shows that brain changes in the size, white matter integrity and functional connectivity of the visual processing systems of six-month olds are evident well before they show symptoms of ...

Breastfeeding Duration Associated With Cognition

Breastfeeding duration is associated with improved cognitive scores at ages 5 through 14, even after controlling for socioeconomic position and maternal cognitive ability, according to a new ...

Desire for Son in Nepal May Impact on Girls' Health and Wellbeing -- New Study

The desire for a son could mean Nepali mothers stop breastfeeding infant daughters sooner, says new research. Girls in Nepal are breastfed for fewer months than boys on average, with girls with older ...

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