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June 28, 2022

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New Theory of Decision-Making Seeks to Explain Why Humans Don't Make Optimal Choices

A new theory of economic decision-making offers an explanation as to why humans, in general, make decisions that are simply adequate, not ...

Millionaires More Risk-Tolerant and Emotionally Stable

Millionaires are more risk-tolerant, emotionally stable, open, extroverted, and conscientious than the general population, according to new ...

Study Finds Neurons That Encode the Outcomes of Actions

A group of neurons in the brain's striatum encodes information about the potential outcomes of different decisions. These cells become particularly active when a behavior leads a different outcome ...

Scientists Identify Neurons in the Brain That Drive Competition and Social Behavior Within Groups

In mice, social ranking in a group was linked to the results of competition, and certain neurons in the brain stored this social ranking information ...
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Tight Budgeters Beware: Skip the Coffee Before Shopping

The study found that shoppers who drank a cup of complimentary caffeinated coffee prior to roaming the stores spent about 50 percent more money and bought nearly 30 percent more items than shoppers ...

Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Labels Led Smokers to Hide Packs

Graphic warning labels led smokers to hide their packs but not change other smoking behaviors, according to a new ...

New Model Could Improve Matches Between Students and Schools

Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, ...

People Choose Healthier Food When With Outsiders for Fear of Being Negatively Judged

People are more likely to choose a healthy food option than an unhealthy food option among people from different social groups because they fear being judged negatively for their ...

Does Presenting Credibility Labels of Journalistic Sources Affect News Consumption? New Study Finds Limited Effects

Labeling the credibility of information sources does not shift the consumption of news away from low-quality sources or reduce belief in widely circulated inaccurate claims among average internet ...

Fruit Snack or Edible? Study Finds Some Cannabis Products Look Like Popular Snacks

Some cannabis edibles look remarkably like popular snack foods and may be easily confused for them, finds a new ...

Show Them the Money: Pay the Vaccine-Hesitant to Get Their COVID-19 Shots

A study initiated before the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has found that a $1000 incentive for the vaccine-hesitant could boost vaccine rates up to 87 percent. The study also speaks to how monetary ...

Pre-School Children’s Emotional Eating Partly Shaped by Innate Food Drive

New research is helping to unpick the complex connections between the eating habits of children and their mothers. The research surveyed 185 mothers of young children aged between three and five, ...

Study Finds Top Reviews, Not Average Ratings, Sway Consumer Decision-Making

Collective wisdom dictates that online shoppers gravitate toward the highest-rated products. But new research debunks this and shows top reviews carry more sway in a customer's final buying ...

People Wrongly Believe Their Friends Will Protect Them from COVID-19

People may feel less vulnerable and take fewer safety precautions about COVID-19 when they are with, or even just think about, their friends instead of acquaintances or strangers, according to new ...

Loud and Clear: High-Energy Ads Keep Viewers Tuned In, Study Shows

More energetic commercials are likely to be tuned in more or avoided less by viewers, according a new ...

Giving Increased During the Pandemic in Areas Hit Hardest by COVID-19

Charitable giving increased in counties that experienced COVID-19-related deaths, a new study ...

Polarized Speech: A Function of Self-Persuasion

A new study finds competitive debaters, randomly assigned a position, persuade themselves to the superiority of their side, even if it falls contrary to their own personal ...

Can Supermarkets Coax People Into Buying Healthier Food?

Restricting supermarket placement of less healthy items and increasing the availability of healthier alternatives in these stores may be promising interventions to encourage healthier purchasing ...

Environmentally Conscious Consumers More Likely to Buy Chicken Raised on Insects or Algae

Eating chicken raised on a diet of bugs or algae may sound downright unappetizing to some, but there are ways to make the idea more palatable to at least one type of food shopper. Consumers who are ...

Gamification, Past Habits May Impact Future Eco-Friendly Tendencies Differently

Green consumer habits may not be impacted by gamification practices, but people who purchased environmentally friendly products in the past are likely to continue to do so, according to a team of ...

Weighing Up: What’s the Bottom Line When It Comes to Weight Loss?

When it comes to weight loss, many of us have dabbled in the latest diets. But whether you're cutting carbs or keeping to keto, new research shows that diet trends can cost more than your ...

When Money Is Tight, 'Purchase Happiness' Is Low

Whether they're getting a new shirt, a new computer, or taking a trip, people derive less 'purchase happiness' from buying things when they feel financial stress, new research ...

Human Choices in a Simulated Pandemic: New Study Tests Interventions to Foster Safer Behavior

A new study has shown that it is possible to test the effectiveness of interventions designed to foster safer behavior in order to slow the spread of a ...

Smart Packaging Could Improve How Older Adults Take Medication

Older adults are open to using smart packaging to improve their medication-taking experience, a new study ...

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