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June 28, 2022

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Are Babies the Key to the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence?

Babies can help unlock the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), according to neuroscientists who have just published new guiding principles for improving AI. The research examines the ...

New Research Challenges Established Ideas About Infant Crying

A research project provides a new understanding of what can be defined as normal and excessive crying among ...

After 'Mama,' Children’s First Words Include 'This' and 'That'

Across languages and cultures, words that help direct caregivers' attention are likely to be among the first children learn and use frequently, according to a new study of early vocabulary ...

Scientists Identify Overgrowth of Key Brain Structure in Babies Who Later Develop Autism

New research demonstrates overgrowth of the amygdala in the first year of life, before babies show most of the behavioral symptoms that later ...
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A Smart Jumpsuit Tracks Infants' Motor Development

New wearable technology creates new possibilities for assessing the neurological development of young children. Early motor assessment is essential for supporting the early detection of ...

How Mothers Calm Their Distressed Infants With Soothing Signals

This study demonstrates empirically, for the first time, that synchronized physiology between mothers and babies plays a role in soothing distressed infants, and that treating postpartum depression ...

Parental Type 1 Diabetes Can Affect Children's Cognitive Development

Cognitive development in children could be affected regardless of which biological parent has type 1 diabetes, according to a new study. The research shows for the first time that having a parent ...

Providing a Potential Treatment Option to Infants Where There Is None

Researchers recently created a mouse model to represent premature infants of very low birthweight and to find treatment options for GMH, which currently has no treatment and is often fatal or ...

Wide-Ranging Problems in Children Born Before 24 Weeks Gestation

In a study of children born after a pregnancy of less than 24 weeks, nearly all (96 percent) proved to have any of the diagnoses studied. According to the study neuropsychiatric and somatic diagnoses ...

Youngest Brain Tumor Patients Have Significantly Poorer Outcomes Than Older Pediatric Patients

A researcher has found, through extensive data analysis, that the youngest patients with brain tumors -- those ages birth to 3 months -- have about half the five-year survival rate as children ages 1 ...

Prenatal Mindfulness Program Improves Stress Response in Infants

Infants whose mothers participated in a mindfulness-based program during pregnancy had healthier stress responses at 6 months old, a new study ...

Sharing Memories Sets Children on Path to Better Well-Being

Toddlers whose mothers received special coaching in talking about memories grew into teenagers who experience better wellbeing, research ...

Reading Builds Resilience Among at-Risk Kids

New research from the shows that reading aloud can triple a child's resilience at school, particularly for children ...

Positive Parenting Can Reduce the Risk That Children Develop Obesity

New research found that children with positive, early interactions with their care givers -- characterized by warmth, responsiveness, and a stimulating home environment -- were at reduced risk of ...

Spatial Training With Blocks and Puzzles Could Unlock the UK's Mathematical Potential

A sustained focus on spatial reasoning training could help children learn science, technology, engineering and ...

Impact of COVID-19 Social Isolation Measures on Early Development

Researchers from 13 countries investigated the impact of COVID-19 related social isolation measures on 2,200 young infants and toddlers between 8 and 36 months of age. Their findings provide insights ...

Depression and Anxiety Spiked in Pregnant Women During COVID-19 Pandemic, Research Shows

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a spike in depression and anxiety in expectant mums, a new study has revealed. There was an increase in reported depression rates of 30 per cent from pre-pandemic levels, ...

Babies Can Tell Who Has Close Relationships Based on One Clue: Saliva

Neuroscientists have identified a specific signal that young children and even babies can use to determine whether two people have a strong relationship and a mutual obligation to help each other: ...

Babies Born During Pandemic's First Year Score Slightly Lower on a Developmental Screening Test

Babies born during the pandemic's first year -- even to moms who did not have COVID during pregnancy -- scored lower on a screening test of social and motor skills compared to pre-pandemic ...

When Mom Talks, Are Infants With ASD Listening?

Researchers pinpoint the regions of the brain and neural mechanisms responsible for normal or impaired development of a child's response to baby talk and why infants with autism do not typically ...

Small Measures Can Be a Big Help for Children of Mothers With Depression

Several new studies among Syrian refugee families in Turkey and families with infants in Sweden and Bhutan show that children of mothers in poor mental health risk falling behind in their cognitive ...

Speaking 'Baby Talk' to Infants Isn’t Just Cute: It Could Help Them Learn to Make Words

By mimicking the sound of a smaller vocal tract, adults may be cluing babies in to how the words should sound coming out of their own ...

Parental Stress Is a Contributing Factor Linking Maternal Depression to Child Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms

A secondary analysis of the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study (Fragile Families) found a bi-directional relationship where a mother's mental health symptoms impacted the child's ...

Parental Depression Is Associated With Worse Childhood Mental Health, Educational Attainment, Study Finds

Children who live with a parent who has depression are more likely to develop depression and to not achieve educational milestones, according to a new ...

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