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June 26, 2022

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Developmental Dyslexia Essential to Human Adaptive Success

Researchers say people with developmental dyslexia have specific strengths relating to exploring the unknown that have contributed to the successful adaptation and survival of our ...

Epilepsy Drug Stops Nervous System Tumor Growth in Mice

People with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) develop tumors on nerves throughout their bodies. Researchers have discovered that nerve cells with the mutation that causes NF1 are hyperexcitable and that ...

New Research Helps Explain How Ritalin Sharpens Attention

Researchers found animals that had taken methylphenidate performed better on a visual task of attention, and that the improvement happened exactly when that same metric of neuron activity ...

How Left Brain Asymmetry Is Related to Reading Ability

Researchers report that two seemingly opposing theories of language processing are both correct. The study shows that greater left-brain asymmetry can predict both better performance and average ...
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Whole-Body Learning Can Boost Children's Letter Sound Recognition -- The First Step Toward Reading

Children who move while learning sounds of letters significantly improve their ability to recognize individual letter ...

Even in a Virtual Classroom, Preschoolers Can Gain Reading Skills

A new study finds that children can develop key reading skills in a virtual classroom with other ...

Wide-Ranging Problems in Children Born Before 24 Weeks Gestation

In a study of children born after a pregnancy of less than 24 weeks, nearly all (96 percent) proved to have any of the diagnoses studied. According to the study neuropsychiatric and somatic diagnoses ...

One in Three Children With Disabilities Globally Have Experienced Violence in Their Lifetimes, Study Finds

Children and adolescents (aged 0-18 years) with disabilities experience physical, sexual, and emotional violence, and neglect at considerably higher rates than those without disability, despite ...

Early English Lessons Have Lasting Effects

An earlier study had raised doubts about the effectiveness of learning English in the first grade. Now, researchers have observed that it improves language performance over an extended period of ...

Science One Step Closer to Turning Off Seizures, Sleep Disturbances Linked to Intellectual Disability

UNLV-led research team identifies key brain protein to target for new customized drug therapies treating adverse symptoms of developmental disorder ...

Undiagnosed Autistic Traits Common Among Youths With Substance Use Disorders, Study Finds

An estimated 20 percent of teens and young adults who seek treatment for addiction may have previously unrecognized social impairment characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder, a new study ...

Students With Attention Problems More Likely to Cheat

High school students who have trouble paying attention in class are more likely to admit to cheating, a new study ...

Evidence Dyslexia Affects Children’s Visual Processing Beyond Just Reading

First study combining multiple new methods to understand visual processing and brain activity in dyslexia could improve understanding of which brain processes are affected by the condition, and ...

Charting Hidden Territory of the Human Brain

Neuroscientist shave discovered a novel, non-invasive imaging-based method to investigate the visual sensory thalamus, an important structure of the human brain and point of origin of visual ...

Extra Spacing Can Boost Children’s Reading Speed

A new study has found that a child's reading speed can be improved by simply increasing the space between letters within a piece of text. The study discovered that text with increased space ...

Our Eyes and Brain Work Together to Create a ‘pipeline’ of Meaning – New Study

Humans read by 'pre-processing' written words to create a pipeline of meaning, according to new ...

Cutting-Edge 3D Facial Scans Could Give Genetic Clues to Autism

Researchers are using high-tech 3D facial scans to give us a better understanding of the genetic causes of ...

Link Between ADHD and Dementia Across Generations

A large study has found a link between ADHD and dementia across generations. The study shows that parents and grandparents of individuals with ADHD were at higher risk of dementia than those with ...

Insights Into How a Stroke Affects Reading Could Help With Rehabilitation

Researchers, looking at the ability of people to sound out words after a stroke, found that knowing which region of the brain was impacted by the stroke could have important implications for helping ...

What a Song Reveals About Vocal Imitation Deficits for Autistic Individuals

A new paper comparing the ability to match pitch and duration in speech and song is providing valuable insight into vocal imitation deficits for children and adults with autism spectrum ...

Neural Network Model Shows Why People With Autism Read Facial Expressions Differently

People with autism spectrum disorder interpret facial expressions differently. Researchers have revealed more about how this comes to be. They induced abnormalities into a neural network model to ...

Learning Foreign Languages Can Affect the Processing of Music in the Brain

Research has shown that a music-related hobby boosts language skills and affects the processing of speech in the brain. According to a new study, the reverse also happens -- learning foreign ...

High Daily Screen Time Linked to Cognitive, Behavioral Problems in Children Born Extremely Preterm

Among 6- and 7-year-olds who were born extremely preterm -- before the 28th week of pregnancy -- those who had more than two hours of screen time a day were more likely to have deficits in overall ...

Emotion, Cooperation and Locomotion Crucial from an Early Age

What are the fundamental skills that young children need to develop at the start of school for future academic success? Researchers examined the links between emotion knowledge, cooperation, ...

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