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June 28, 2022

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Children Who Attend Schools With More Traffic Noise Show Slower Cognitive Development

A new study suggests that traffic noise at schools has a detrimental effect on the development of working memory and attention in primary-school ...
Neuroscientists have been studying the formation of fear memories in the emotional hub of the brain -- the amygdala -- and think they have ...

Newly Discovered Brain Cell Sheds Light on the Formation of Memories

The study reports a novel neuron type in the hippocampus, defines its functional role in the brain, discloses its connectivity with other nerve cells and brain areas and progresses the understanding ...

How Sleep Builds Relational Memory

Researchers describe biological mechanism that allows sleep to build relational memories -- associations between unrelated ...
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Who Benefits from Brain Training and Why?

If you are skilled at playing puzzles on your smartphone or tablet, what does it say about how fast you learn new puzzles, or, more broadly, how well you can focus, say, in school or at work? Or, in ...

New Study Shows How Having Had COVID-19 May Negatively Impact Your Performance at Work

A new study shows that individuals who had contracted CCOVID-19 reported significantly more cognitive failures at ...

Windows to the Soul: Pupils Reveal 'Aphantasia' -- The Absence of Visual Imagination

Picture this, if you will: Aphantasia can be detected with an eye-opening look into our ...

Study Identifies Therapeutic Target for Alzheimer’s Disease, Revealing Strategy for Preventing or Slowing Disease Progression

A new study suggests a key protein molecule plays a major role in the accumulation of brain cholesterol, triggering the development of Alzheimer's and supporting the use of peptide inhibitors as ...

A Single Memory Is Stored Across Many Connected Brain Regions

Innovative brain-wide mapping study shows that 'engrams,' the ensemble of neurons encoding a memory, is widely distributed including among regions not previously ...

Scientists Unveil the Format of Working Memory

A team of scientists has discovered how working memory is 'formatted' -- a finding that enhances our understanding of how visual memories are ...

Alzheimer‘s: Amyloid and Tau Are a Perilous Couple

In the course of Alzheimer's disease, two proteins called 'amyloid' and 'tau' accumulate in the brain. A new study with more than 200 participants now provides insights into ...

Cases of Cognitive Decline in Older People More Than Double in Ten Years

Cases of cognitive decline in older people, where a doctor has assessed someone following concerns about memory and noted their brain function has been affected, have more than doubled over the past ...

Neuroscientists Identify Mechanism for Long Term Memory Storage

While studying how memories are formed and stored in the brain, a team identified a novel protein folding mechanism that is essential for long term memory storage. The researchers further ...

When the Brain Sees a Familiar Face

Researchers have uncovered new information about how the area of the brain responsible for memory is triggered when the eyes come to rest on a face versus another object or ...

Long-Suspected Turbocharger for Memory Found in Brain Cells of Mice

Scientists have long known that learning requires the flow of calcium into and out of brain cells. But researchers have now discovered that floods of calcium originating from within neurons can also ...

Reduced Inhibition of Hippocampal Neurons Impairs Long-Term Memory Recall in Rett Syndrome

Researchers have discovered that diminished memory recall in Rett syndrome mice can be restored by activating specific inhibitory cells in the ...

Photo or the Real Thing? Mice Can Inherently Recall and Tell Them Apart, Experiments Show

The ability to make perceptual and conceptual judgements such as knowing the difference between a picture of an object and the actual 3D object itself has been considered a defining capacity of ...

Neurons Are Fickle: Electric Fields Are More Reliable for Information

A new study suggests that electric fields may represent information held in working memory, allowing the brain to overcome 'representational drift,' or the inconsistent participation of ...

Targeting Dysregulated Kappa-Opioid Receptors Reduces Working Memory Deficits in Alcohol Use Disorder

A preclinical study led by a neuroscientist shows that dysregulated kappa-opioid receptors (KORs) in the brain's medial prefrontal cortex region (part of the frontal lobe) contribute to working ...

Astrocyte Networks in the Mouse Brain Control Spatial Learning and Memory

Astrocytes form large networks of interconnected cells in the central nervous system. When these cell-to-cell couplings are disrupted in the brain of adult mice, the animals are no longer able to ...

Researchers Uncover How the Human Brain Separates, Stores, and Retrieves Memories

Researchers have identified two types of cells in our brains that are involved in organizing discrete memories based on when they occurred. This finding improves our understanding of how the human ...

How Does the Brain Make Memories?

Researchers have discovered two types of brain cells that play a key role in dividing continuous human experience into distinct segments that can be recalled later. The discovery provides new promise ...

Attention! Brain Scans Can Tell If You Are Paying It

Using a model of fMRI data collected from 92 individuals performing several types of attention-related tasks, researchers successfully predicted how well those individuals would perform on the tasks ...

Having a Poor Score on a Simple Memory Test May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s Biomarkers

Among people with no memory or thinking problems, having a poor score on a simple memory test may be linked to biomarkers in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease as well as very early ...

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