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June 26, 2022

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Are Babies the Key to the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence?

Babies can help unlock the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), according to neuroscientists who have just published new guiding principles for improving AI. The research examines the ...

Physical Abuse Less Likely When Spanking Is Eliminated

When parents in countries worldwide use spanking as a behavior deterrent, their children are more likely to become a victim of physical abuse, say ...

Healthy Development Thanks to Older Siblings

During the first years of their lives, children develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills that will provide the foundations for their lifelong health and achievements. However, exposure to ...

New Research Challenges Established Ideas About Infant Crying

A research project provides a new understanding of what can be defined as normal and excessive crying among ...
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A Smart Jumpsuit Tracks Infants' Motor Development

New wearable technology creates new possibilities for assessing the neurological development of young children. Early motor assessment is essential for supporting the early detection of ...

Losing a Grandmother May Trigger Rise in Depression for Some of Her Survivors

New research found that for up to seven years after the death of their grandmother, adolescent boys had a 50% increase in depression symptoms compared to peers who were not grieving. Additionally, ...

Children in Remote School Faced More Sleep, Behavior and Social Challenges

Elementary school-aged children enrolled in remote learning experienced greater behavioral, learning-related, and sleep difficulties compared with children receiving in-person instruction, according ...

How Mother-Youth Emotional Climate Helps Adolescents Cope With Stress

Transition to middle school can be a stressful time for adolescents. They must adjust to a new peer group and social environment while going through the developmental changes of puberty. A recent ...

Pregnant Women's Drinking Correlates With Their Partner's Drinking

Pregnant women's use of alcohol correlates with that of their partner, a new study shows. Paying attention to both parents' use of alcohol may help to prevent drinking during pregnancy, as ...

How Mothers Calm Their Distressed Infants With Soothing Signals

This study demonstrates empirically, for the first time, that synchronized physiology between mothers and babies plays a role in soothing distressed infants, and that treating postpartum depression ...

Desire for Son in Nepal May Impact on Girls' Health and Wellbeing -- New Study

The desire for a son could mean Nepali mothers stop breastfeeding infant daughters sooner, says new research. Girls in Nepal are breastfed for fewer months than boys on average, with girls with older ...

Researchers Identify Possible New Target to Treat Newborns Suffering from Lack of Oxygen or Blood Flow in the Brain

The condition, known as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), can result in severe brain damage, which is why researchers are studying the condition to evaluate how HIE is treated and develop new, ...

A Healthy Lifestyle Helps to Prevent Gestational Diabetes in Those at Highest Genetic Risk

Researchers have developed a genetic-risk score for identifying individuals who would benefit the most from lifestyle counseling to prevent gestational and postpartum ...

Shielding Children from Food Insecurity -- No Protection from Psychological Problems

New research found that in families where adults sacrifice their own nutritional needs so that their offspring are fed first, the mental health of both groups is less severely affected, although it ...

Stress, Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy May Hinder Toddler's Cognitive Development

Women's elevated anxiety, depression and stress during pregnancy altered key features of the fetal brain, which subsequently decreased their offspring's cognitive development at 18 months. ...

New Study Finds Childhood Abuse Linked to Higher Risk for High Cholesterol as an Adult

The likelihood of developing high cholesterol -- a risk factor for heart disease and stroke -- was higher among white men and white women who experienced abuse during childhood, according to a study ...

Parental Type 1 Diabetes Can Affect Children's Cognitive Development

Cognitive development in children could be affected regardless of which biological parent has type 1 diabetes, according to a new study. The research shows for the first time that having a parent ...

Micronutrients (Vitamins + Minerals) Show Benefit for Children With ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation

A study reports that children with ADHD and emotional dysregulation randomized to take a micronutrient formula were three times more likely to show symptomatic improvement on blinded clinician ...

Providing a Potential Treatment Option to Infants Where There Is None

Researchers recently created a mouse model to represent premature infants of very low birthweight and to find treatment options for GMH, which currently has no treatment and is often fatal or ...

Fetal Exposure to Meds May Affect Infants' Brain Development

A new study demonstrates that in utero exposure to mother's antiepileptic or antidepressant medication may affect development of the newborn brain networks. In the study, novel mathematical ...

A Better Way to Reduce Child Maltreatment

A first-of-its-kind national study has found that a special program adopted in many states to help some families at risk of child maltreatment has been surprisingly ...

Family Structure Associated With Delinquency for Adolescents, Swedish Study Finds

Adolescents living in single-father, single-mother, father-stepmother and mother-stepfather families report more delinquency than those living with both their parents, according to a new ...

Pre-School Children’s Emotional Eating Partly Shaped by Innate Food Drive

New research is helping to unpick the complex connections between the eating habits of children and their mothers. The research surveyed 185 mothers of young children aged between three and five, ...

Structural Racism and Pandemic Stressors Associated With Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Among Black Individuals, Study Finds

A study found the combined effects of structural racism and the pandemic, known as a 'syndemic,' were associated with negative postpartum mental ...

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