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June 28, 2022

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Tadpoles Undergo Surprising Number of Vision Changes When Becoming Frogs

Tadpoles see well underwater, but what happens when they become frogs and live primarily on land? Researchers, curious about the answer, found the eyes of tadpoles undergo a surprising number of ...

Southern Resident Killer Whales Not Getting Enough to Eat Since 2018

The endangered southern resident killer whale population isn't getting enough to eat, and hasn't been since 2018, a new study has determined. The animals have been in an energy deficit, averaged ...

Heat Waves Could Lead to Avian Population Decline

Researchers examined how heat impacts the behavior and physiology of Zebra finches. They discovered that heat altered the activity of hundreds of genes in the testis, but fewer in the brain, ...
An international team of 114 scientists reports the most comprehensive study of aging and longevity to date of reptiles and ...
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Climate Change Negatively Impacting Bumble Bees

Temperature changes have negatively impacted most species of bumble bees over the past 120 years, according to new new research. The researchers note that changes in temperature had more of a ...

Wildlife--Human Conflicts Could Shift With Climate Change

Researchers modeled the risk of human -- elephant conflict in Thailand under different climate change scenarios using a risk framework. A spatial shift in the risk of conflict was observed with ...

Research Highlights Importance of Large Wood in Streams for Land-Based Animals

Land managers have invested millions of dollars annually since the 1980s to place large pieces of wood back in streams, owing primarily to its importance for fish habitat. But little is known about ...

Largest Study of Domestic Cat DNA Identifies Disease-Causing Variants in New Breeds

Thirteen genetic variants associated with disease in cats are present in more pedigreed breeds than previously thought, according to the largest ever DNA-based study of domestic cats. However, these ...

Newly Documented Population of Polar Bears in Southeast Greenland Sheds Light on the Species' Future in a Warming Arctic

A new population of polar bears documented on the southeast coast of Greenland use glacier ice to survive despite limited access to sea ice. This small, genetically distinct group of polar bears ...

100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome Reveals Ancient Hybridization With Brown Bears

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 100,000-year-old polar bear has revealed that extensive hybridization between polar bears and brown bears occurred during the last warm interglacial period in the ...

Can a Parasitic Wasp Save Your Fruit Crops?

Researchers developed a toolkit for investigating the molecular mechanisms governing the parasitic nature of the wasp species Asobara japonica. They first used DNA and RNA-sequencing-based techniques ...

Scientists Fail to Locate Once-Common CA Bumble Bees

Several species of California bumble bees have gone missing in the first statewide census of the fuzzy pollinators in 40 ...

Dog-Assisted Interventions Lead to Lower Stress Levels in Children

Dog-assisted interventions can lead to significantly lower stress in children both with and without special needs, according to a new study using salivary cortisol ...

Researchers Discover Crocodile Species That Likely Preyed on Human Ancestors

Researchers have discovered two new species of crocodiles that roamed parts of Africa between 18 million and 15 million years ago and preyed on human ancestors. The giant dwarf crocodile species, ...

Urgent Action Needed on English Bulldog Breeding, Experts Say

English Bulldogs must be bred with more moderate physical features, experts say, as a new study reports that the breed is significantly less healthy than other dog breeds. English Bulldogs are at ...

Genetic Discovery Could Spell Mosquitoes' Death Knell

A genetic discovery could turn disease-carrying mosquitoes into insect Peter Pans, preventing them from ever maturing or ...

A Large Predator from the Pyrenees

A fossilized lower jaw has led an international team of palaeontologists to discover a new species of predator that once lived in Europe. These large predators belong to a group of carnivores ...

Hidden in Plain Sight: Biologists Say Southern Right Whale Habitat Choice Is Key to Keeping Young Calves Safe

While researchers have speculated that the up to 50-foot-long whales choose shallow, coastal locations for lack of predators and warmer and calmer waters, a team of biologists recently uncovered a ...

Right Whales' Survival Rates Plummet After Severe Injury from Fishing Gear

Most North Atlantic right whales that are severely injured in fishing gear entanglements die within three years, a study finds. Severely injured whales were up to eight times more likely to die than ...

Panthers Now Number One Predator of White-Tailed Deer in Southwest Florida

A new study found Florida panthers are the No. 1 cause of mortality for white-tailed deer in Southwest Florida. The researchers set out to get a better picture of what factors most affect the ...

Cats' Strange Reactions to Catnip Make It a Better Insect Repellent

Anyone who has seen a cat experience catnip knows that it makes them go a bit wild -- they rub in it, roll on it, chew it, and lick it aggressively. It is widely accepted that this plant, and its ...

Seal Whiskers, the Secret Weapon for Hunting

The deep ocean is a dark place, yet deep-diving seals can easily locate their prey in that darkness. A multi-national research team has used field-based studies to better understand how seals use ...

Unravelling the Diversity of the Wild House Mouse

Scientists have revealed the genetic structure and diversity, and inferred the population history, of the wild house mouse across Europe and ...

New Inherited Retroviruses Identified in the Koala Genome

Historic virus infections can be traced in vertebrate genomes. For millions of years, these genomes have been repositories for retroviruses that incorporated their code into germline cells and were ...

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