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June 26, 2022

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How Humans Evolved to Get Along (to Extent That We Do)

The research shows that four neighboring groups of bonobos they studied at the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo maintained exclusive and stable social and spatial borders ...

What Oxytocin Can Tell Us About the Evolution of Human Prosociality

Modern humans are characterized by their prosociality, a broad term that encompasses intraspecies empathy, social tolerance, cooperation and altruism. These facets of social cognition have been ...

Some Monkeys Might Pull a Poker Face

The human facial action coding system, or FACS, has been developed as a tool for cross-species systematic comparisons of facial muscles to help interpret the resulting facial expressions of the ...
Evidence of structured vocal sequences in wild chimpanzee communication provides insights into human ...
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Chimpanzee Mother Seen Applying an Insect to a Wound on Her Son

Researchers have observed chimpanzees in Gabon, West Africa applying insects to their wounds and the wounds of others. Scientists describe this wound-tending behavior and argue that it is evidence ...

Cracking Chimpanzee Culture

Chimpanzees don't automatically know what to do when they come across nuts and stones. Researchers have now used field experiments to show that chimpanzees thus do not simply invent nut cracking ...

Risky Food-Finding Strategy Could Be the Key to Human Success

When it comes to feeding behavior, humans are the inefficient gas-guzzlers of the primate family, according to a new study of hunter-gatherer energy budgets. Unlike our herbivorous cousins who spend ...

Anthropologists Study the Energetics of Uniquely Human Subsistence Strategies

Among our closest living relatives -- the great apes -- we humans are unique: We have larger brains, reproduce more quickly and have longer life spans. These traits are obviously valuable, but the ...

Tooth Cavities Provide Unique Ecological Insight Into Living Primates and Fossil Humans

Tooth decay is a common and unfortunate problem for many of us, but two new studies show it is also an issue for other primates, as well as our fossil relatives and ...

Orangutan Mothers Help Offspring to Learn

When it comes to motherhood, orangutans are animals of distinction. An orangutan mother will stay in close contact with her baby for up to nine years--longer than almost all mammals other than ...

Primates Vs Cobras: How Our Last Common Ancestor Built Venom Resistance

The last common ancestor of chimps, gorillas and humans developed an increased resistance toward cobra venom, according to new ...

Diversity of the Gut Microbiome in Gorillas

A new study sheds light on the gut microbiome of gorillas, moving researchers closer to developing tools that can use the microbiome to diagnose potential health challenges for gorillas in human ...

Ancient Human Relative, Australopithecus Sediba, 'Walked Like a Human, but Climbed Like an Ape'

The recovery of new lumbar vertebrae from the lower back of a single individual of the human relative, Australopithecus sediba, and portions of other vertebrae of the same female from Malapa, South ...

What Big Teeth You Have: Tooth Root Surface Area Can Determine Primate Size

Researchers have developed formulas that can calculate the body size of a primate based on the root size of its teeth. The formulas could allow researchers to make use of partial and incomplete ...

Africa-Wide Great Ape Assessment Reveals Human Activity, Not Habitat Availability, Is Greatest Driver of Ape Abundance

The first-ever Africa-wide assessment of great apes -- gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees -- finds that human factors, including roads, population density and GDP, determine abundance more than ...

Savannah Chimpanzees, a Model for the Understanding of Human Evolution

To prosper, most great apes need lush forests in Africa (bonobos, chimpanzees, and gorillas) or Southeast Asia (orangutans), except for some groups of chimpanzees that live in Savannahs, habitats ...

Leprosy Confirmed in Wild Chimpanzees

Leprosy has been found in wild chimpanzees. Researchers have confirmed cases of the disease among two unconnected West African populations of chimpanzees, in Guinea-Bissau and the Ivory ...

Gorillas Can Tell Human Voices Apart

A new study is the first to show that gorillas are able to recognize familiar human voices based on their relationship with the ...

What Makes Us Human? The Answer May Be Found in Overlooked DNA

Our DNA is very similar to that of the chimpanzee, which in evolutionary terms is our closest living relative. Stem cell researchers have now found a previously overlooked part of our DNA, so-called ...

A Study of Skull Growth and Tooth Emergence Reveals That Timing Is Everything

Paleoanthropologists have wondered how and why humans evolved molars that emerge into the mouth at specific ages and why those ages are so delayed compared to living apes. It is the coordination ...

Great Apes' Consonant and Vowel-Like Sounds Travel Over Distance Without Losing Meaning

Scientists have shown that orangutan call signals believed to be closest to the precursors to human language, travel through forest over long distances without losing their meaning. This throws into ...

If Endangered Primates Disappear, So Will Their Parasites. That's Actually a Problem

People are more aware of the plight of endangered gorillas than of gorillas' gut worms, and are understandably more enamored with mouse lemurs than their mites. Half of the world's roughly ...

Roads Have Far-Reaching Impact on Chimpanzees

Roads have a negative impact on chimpanzee populations that can extend for more than 17 km, new research ...

Primate Mothers May Carry Infants After Death as a Way of Grieving, Study Finds

Some primate species may express grief over the death of their infant by carrying the corpse with them, sometimes for months, according to a new UCL-led study - with implications for our ...

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