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June 28, 2022

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New Biobatteries Use Bacterial Interactions to Generate Power for Weeks

Researchers have developed a 'plug-and-play' biobattery that lasts for weeks at a time and can be stacked to improve output voltage and ...

Highly Antibiotic-Resistant Strain of MRSA That Arose in Pigs Can Jump to Humans

A new study has found that a highly antibiotic-resistant strain of the superbug MRSA -- methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus -- has emerged in ...

By Odin's Beard! Tubulins Named After the Norse God May Be the Missing Link Between Single-Celled Organisms and Human Cells

The 'missing link' between bacterial cells and human and plant cells offers key to the process of eukaryogenesis, the point at which animal and plant ...

Giant Bacteria Found in Guadeloupe Mangroves Challenge Traditional Concepts

Researchers describe the morphological and genomic features of a 'macro' microbe' -- a giant filamentous bacterium composed of a single cell discovered in the mangroves of Guadeloupe. Using various ...
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Microbial Link Between Western-Style Diet and Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Uncovered

New research builds the case that a Western-style diet -- rich in red and processed meat, sugar and refined grains/carbohydrates -- is tied to higher risk of colorectal cancer through the intestinal ...

Mechanism of Expanding Bacteria Revealed

The process that allows bacteria to expand and grow while maintaining the strength of the cell walls has been identified as offering a potential new target for ...

Lager Beer, Whether It Contains Alcohol or Not, Could Help Men's Gut Microbes

Like wine, beer can have health benefits when consumed in moderation. Non-alcoholic beers have become wildly popular recently, but are these drinks also healthful? In a pilot study, researchers ...

A Warming Climate Decreases Microbial Diversity

Researchers conducted an eight-year experiment that found that climate warming played a predominant role in shaping microbial biodiversity, with significant negative ...

Nanoparticle Sensor Can Distinguish Between Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia

Many different types of bacteria and viruses can cause pneumonia, but there is no easy way to determine which microbe is causing a particular patient's illness. This uncertainty makes it harder ...

Research Sheds Light on How Bacteria Communicate Their Way to Causing Infection

Scientists have identified proteins that prevent a bacterial cell from becoming misguided by its own messaging, allowing it to instead wait for collective communication from its ...

Designing Protection Suits for Hard Working Bacteria

Bacteria can contribute to a more sustainable production of chemicals, so providing a good working environment for them is a good investment. Now researchers present a nano protection suit, developed ...

Bacterial Intimacy Insights Could Help Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

Researchers have uncovered new details about how bacteria hook up to exchange DNA that helps them resist ...

Plastic Pollution in Ocean May Harbor Novel Antibiotics

Plastic pollution in the ocean, which can support microbial communities, may serve as a source for novel antibiotics, according to a new student-led study conducted in collaboration with the Scripps ...

Decoding a Key Part of the Cell, Atom by Atom

A team led by André Hoelz has made two big leaps forward in our understanding of the nuclear pore complex, a vital cellular ...

Superworms Capable of Munching Through Plastic Waste

Researchers have found a species of worm with an appetite for polystyrene could be the key to plastic recycling on a mass ...

'Good' Bacteria to Tackle Depression

Intestinal flora plays an important role in health -- including mental health. Researchers have shown that probiotics can support the effect of antidepressants and help to alleviate ...

New Species of Alga Named for Poet Amanda Gorman

Researchers discovered a new species of alga in central New York and named it Gormaniella terricola, with the genus named after poet Amanda Gorman. The new species is quite interesting in that its ...

Phage Therapy for Mycobacterium Infections: More Than 50% Success Rate

The number of reported cases using viruses to treat deadly Mycobacterium infections just went up by a factor of five. Researchers report 20 new case studies on the use of the experimental treatment, ...

Unique Insight Into the Inner Workings of Our Cellular Powerplants

Using advanced microscopy techniques, researchers have visualized in unprecedented detail the machinery that the cells' powerhouses, the mitochondria, use to form their proteins. The results ...

Separating Tiny Bacteria by Shape: Simple Tech for E. Coli Sorting

Researchers use a viscoelastic material flowing through a microfluidic chip to sort E. coli bacteria based on their degree of elongation. By using this 'lab-on-a-chip' device, scientists ...

How Fast-Growing Bacteria Can Resist Antibiotics

New insights into how some bacteria survive antibiotics could lead to the development of novel treatment ...

Low Levels of High-Risk Salmonella Evade Traditional Methods of Detection

Poultry is responsible for more than one out of every five cases of salmonella infection in the U.S. But traditional methods of testing the chicken you grab off the grocery shelf may not be enough to ...

Common Drug-Resistant Superbug Develops Fast Resistance to 'Last Resort' Antibiotic

New research has found that Pseudomonas bacterium develops resistance much faster than usual to a common 'last-resort' ...

Bacterial Cellulose Could Enable Microbial Life on Mars

An international research team has investigated the chances of survival of kombucha cultures under Mars-like conditions. Kombucha is known as a drink, sometimes called tea fungus or mushroom tea, ...

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