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June 26, 2022

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Bacteria With Recording Function Capture Gut Health Status

Researchers have equipped gut bacteria with data logger functionality as a way of monitoring which genes are active in the bacteria. These microorganisms could one day offer a noninvasive means of ...

Lab Grown, Self-Sustainable Muscle Cells Repair Muscle Injury and Disease, Mouse Study Shows

In proof-of-concept experiments, scientists say they have successfully cultivated human muscle stem cells capable of renewing themselves and ...

Bioprinting for Bone Repair Improved With Genes

Given enough time and energy, the body will heal, but when doctors or engineers intervene, the processes do not always proceed as planned because chemicals that control and facilitate the healing ...

Engineered Bacteria Could Help Protect 'Good' Gut Microbes from Antibiotics

Researchers have engineered a strain of bacteria that can help protect the natural flora of the human digestive tract from antibiotics and curb the emergence of antimicrobial ...
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Minerals Can Be Key to Healing Damaged Tissue

Every species, from bacteria to humans, is capable of regeneration. Regeneration is mediated by the molecular processes that regulate gene expression to control tissue renewal, restoration and ...

CRISPR-Cas9 Can Generate Unexpected, Heritable Mutations

CRISPR-Cas9, the 'genetic scissors', creates new potential for curing diseases; but treatments must be reliable. In a new study, researchers have discovered that the method can give rise to ...

Scientists Build Bioreactors and Engineer Bacteria to Advance Biofuel Research

Researchers have designed and built equipment that can be used to investigate bacterial biofuel production at a fraction of the cost of commercial systems. This technology was then used to ...

Epigenetic Mechanisms for Parent-Specific Genetic Activation Decoded

Hereditary diseases as well as cancers and cardiovascular diseases may be associated with a phenomenon known as genomic imprinting, in which only the maternally or paternally inherited gene is ...

HIV Infection: Better Understanding the Reservoir of Virus in the Body

Researchers have developed a method that allows resting human immune cells to be genetically analyzed in detail for the first ...

Mitigating Environmental Impact of Herbicides

Research looks at the interactions of different herbicides and what they mean for herbicide ...

New Biosensors Shine a Light on CRISPR Gene Editing

Detecting the activity of CRISPR gene editing tools in organisms with the naked eye and an ultraviolet flashlight is now possible using new ...

Correcting Inherited Gene Alterations Speeds Up

Researchers have developed a method to precisely and rapidly correct genetic alterations in the cultured patient ...

Synthetic Biology Yields Easy-to-Use Underwater Adhesives

Researchers have used synthetic biology to bring together the best of spider silk and mussel foot protein in a biocompatible ...

Building Bacteria to Keep Us Well

Scientists have engineered bacteria that can detect specific molecules in the ...

Creating a New 'Toehold' for RNA Therapeutics, Cell Therapies, and Diagnostics

Synthetic biologists have developed eToeholds -- small versatile devices built into RNA that enable expression of a linked protein-encoding sequence only when a cell-specific or viral RNA is present. ...

'Living Medicine' Created to Treat Drug-Resistant Infections

Researchers have created 'living medicine' to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria growing on the surfaces of medical implants. The researchers created the treatment by removing a common ...

Engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR Genome Editing System Developed

Bioengineers have repurposed a 'non-working' CRISPR system to make a smaller version of the genome engineering tool. Its diminutive size should make it easier to deliver into human cells, ...

Tracking Genetically Modified Animals

Researchers have discovered a new way to track genetically modified animals using the artificial transgenes they leave behind in the environment. The discovery provides a powerful new tool to locate ...

Synthetic Biology Enables Microbes to Build Muscle

Would you wear clothing made of muscle fibers? Use them to tie your shoes or even wear them as a belt? It may sound a bit odd, but if those fibers could endure more energy before breaking than ...

Using Yeast to Create Alternative Petrochemical Processes

As climate change continues to do more damage to our planet, scientists are working to find more efficient and cleaner ways to power the earth. One appealing alternative to common petrochemical ...

Transforming Amber Waves of Grain: New Genome Assembly for 'Fielder' Wheat Cultivar

Researchers have established an accurate genome assembly of 'Fielder' wheat, which -- unlike other wheat cultivars -- is very amenable to genetic editing through bacterial transformation. ...

Genome Editing Meets Marsupials

Researchers at RIKEN, Japan have succeeded in creating the first genetically engineered marsupial. This study will contribute to deciphering the genetic background of unique characteristics observed ...

Microbially Produced Fibers: Stronger Than Steel, Tougher Than Kevlar

A new fiber, made by genetically engineered bacteria is stronger than steel and tougher than ...

Conversion of Genetic Information from DNA to Proteins: Role of mRNA

mRNA plays a key role in the conversion of genetic information from DNA to proteins. Their production is a delicate process. A research team has now identified a crucial ...

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