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June 26, 2022

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Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...
A new study has unraveled the earliest evidence for domestication of a fruit tree, researchers report. The researchers analyzed remnants of charcoal from the Chalcolithic ...

Earliest Record of Wildfires Provide Insights to Earth's Past Vegetation and Oxygen Levels

While wildfires over recent years have raged across much of the western United States and pose significant hazards to wildlife and local populations, ...

Cats' Strange Reactions to Catnip Make It a Better Insect Repellent

Anyone who has seen a cat experience catnip knows that it makes them go a bit wild -- they rub in it, roll on it, chew it, and lick it aggressively. It is widely accepted that this plant, and its ...
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Invasive Species Are Taking Over Some American Forests

A new botanical survey of southwest Ohio found that invasive species introduced to the United States over the past century are crowding out many native ...

Gene Hunting Leads Researchers to Solve Mystery of Inhibition of Awn Elongation in Sorghum

Over the years, the domestication of grasses like wheat, rice, barley, and sorghum for consumption has resulted in certain modifications to their morphology. One such modification is the partial or ...

Exotic Tree Plantations Can Disturb Local Wildlife, Researchers Find

Initiatives using non-native tree species can impact tropical insects in neighbouring forests, according to an international ...

Antagonistic Interactions of Plant Defense Compounds

A combined defense of different chemical defense substances could result in a negative interaction and mutual detoxification, according to a new study on the wild tobacco species Nicotiana attenuata ...

Indigenous Borneans Knew a Tree Was Two Distinct Species -- Genetic Analysis Confirms They Were Right

Over 200 years ago, a Spanish botanist described Artocarpus odoratissimus, a species of fruit-bearing tree found in Borneo and the Philippines. The Iban people, who are Indigenous to Borneo, know the ...

Beyond 'Plant Trees!': Research Finds Tree Plantations Encroaching on Essential Ecosystems

Trees planted in the tropics as part of nations' reforestation commitments can have unintended consequences, sometimes degrading biodiversity hotspots, damaging ecosystems like grasslands, or ...

New Insights Into Effects of Membrane Proteins on Plant Growth

Scientists have revealed two enzymes that regulate protein degradation of proteins in the cell membrane of plants, and established the roles they play in plant growth and ...

Tobacco Hawkmoths Always Find the Right Odor

Tobacco hawkmoths can distinguish crucial from irrelevant odors in a complex odorous mixture to locate food sources and host plants for laying their ...

Engineers Uncover Secret 'Thinking' Behind Dandelions' Seed Dispersal

High on sunshine, humans often decide when dandelions get to spread their species -- but the puffballs have their own ideas on how best to ...

Study Suggests That Most of Our Evolutionary Trees Could Be Wrong

New research suggests that determining evolutionary trees of organisms by comparing anatomy rather than gene sequences is misleading. The study shows that we often need to overturn centuries of ...

Scaling New Heights With New Research Showing How Plants Can Grow at Altitude

A new study has found that plant species are adapted to the altitude where they grow by 'sensing' the oxygen levels that surround ...

Palms at the Poles: Fossil Plants Reveal Lush Southern Hemisphere Forests in Ancient Hothouse Climate

Plant fossils dating back 55 to 40 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch reveal details about the warmer and wetter climate. These conditions meant there were palms at the North and South Pole ...

Researchers Aim X-Rays at Century-Old Plant Secretions for Insight Into Aboriginal Australian Cultural Heritage

For tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal Australians have created some of the world's most striking artworks. Today their work continues long lines of ancestral traditions, stories of the past ...

Secrets of Tree Hyraxes in Kenya Uncovered With New Research Techniques

In addition to audio recordings and laser scanning, a thermal imaging camera has been adopted for use in research focused on threatened mammals that hide from poachers in Kenya's Taita ...

New CRISPR-Combo Boosts Genome Editing Power in Plants

Scientists have developed CRISPR-Combo, a method to edit multiple genes in plants while simultaneously changing the expression of other genes. This new tool will enable genetic engineering ...

Gene-Edited Tomatoes Could Be a New Source of Vitamin D

Tomatoes gene-edited to produce vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be a simple and sustainable innovation to address a global health ...

What Happens When Plants Have Stress Reactions to Touch

A 30-year-old genetic mystery has been solved. It has previously been established that touch can trigger stress reactions in plants. However, the molecular models for explaining this process have ...

Researchers Have Developed a Potential Super Wheat for Salty Soils

Researchers have developed several new varieties of wheat that tolerate soils with higher salt concentrations. After having mutated a wheat variety from Bangladesh, they now have a wheat with seeds ...

Organic Farming or Flower Strips: Which Is Better for Bees?

How effective environmental measures in agriculture are for biodiversity and wild bee populations depends on various factors and your perspective. This is shown by agroecologists. The research team ...

Function Follows Form in Plant Immunity

Scientists have discovered a novel biochemical mechanism explaining how immune proteins defend plants against invading ...

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