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June 26, 2022

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An international team of 114 scientists reports the most comprehensive study of aging and longevity to date of reptiles and ...

Humans Can't, but Turtles Can: Reduce Weakening and Deterioration With Age

Evolutionary theories of ageing predict that all living organisms weaken and deteriorate with age (a process known as senescence) -- and eventually die. Now, researchers show that certain animal ...

Right Whales' Survival Rates Plummet After Severe Injury from Fishing Gear

Most North Atlantic right whales that are severely injured in fishing gear entanglements die within three years, a study finds. Severely injured whales were up to eight times more likely to die than ...

Panthers Now Number One Predator of White-Tailed Deer in Southwest Florida

A new study found Florida panthers are the No. 1 cause of mortality for white-tailed deer in Southwest Florida. The researchers set out to get a better picture of what factors most affect the ...
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Research Highlights Importance of Large Wood in Streams for Land-Based Animals

Land managers have invested millions of dollars annually since the 1980s to place large pieces of wood back in streams, owing primarily to its importance for fish habitat. But little is known about ...

India's Relic Forests Reveal a New Species of Leopard Gecko

Deep in the forests of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India lives Eublepharis pictus, also known as the Painted Leopard Gecko -- a colourful gecko species that only now revealed its true identity. ...

Red Pandas Face a Fractured Future

The much-loved red panda is renowned for its tree-climbing ability and adorable nature, but new research shows the endangered mammal is being driven closer to ...

Primates and Non-Primates Differ in the Architecture of Their Neurons

High-resolution microscopy now enabled an international research team to enlarge the knowledge about species-specific differences of the architecture of cortical ...

Heat-Lovers Are the Lucky Ones: Insects and Climate Change

Sparse data often make it difficult to track how climate change is affecting populations of insect species. A new study has now evaluated an extensive species mapping database (Artenschutzkartierung, ...

Researchers Design a Method to Pinpoint the Origin of Illegally Traded Chimpanzees

Researchers have produced the first catalog of genomic diversity for endangered chimpanzees in the wild. The catalog, which includes 828 chimp samples from across their range, offers a detailed ...

Wind Turbines Operating Without Curtailment Claim Many Victims Among Protected Bat Species in Germany

Protected and rare bats regularly die at wind turbines (WT). This is why the operation of new wind turbines is temporarily curtailed during periods of high bat activity. Old wind turbines run without ...

At Least 2,000 Species of Reptiles Are Threatened, Study Finds

A new study has found that 21 percent of the reptile species on Earth (one in five species), amounting to a total of about 2,000 species, are threatened with extinction. Experts estimate that there ...

British Coral Predicted to Be Resilient to Climate Change

An iconic coral species found in UK waters could expand its range due to climate change, new research ...

Novel Environmental DNA Monitoring Method for Identifying Rare and Endangered Fish Species Sold in Hong Kong Wet Markets

Researchers have outlined a powerful new tool for monitoring trade of rare and endangered fish species in Hong Kong wet markets. Using environmental DNA (eDNA) present in the drain runoff water of ...

Multiple Habitats Need Protecting to Save UK Bumblebees, Finds 10-Year Citizen Science Study

A study using 10 years of citizen science data has found that a variety of targeted conservation approaches are needed to protect UK bumblebee ...

'Moth Highways' Could Help Resist Climate Change Impact

Real data gathered by volunteers was combined with new computer models for the first time to reveal which UK moth species are struggling to expand into new regions and the landscape barriers ...

Lost or Extinct? Study Finds the Existence of More Than 500 Animal Species Remains Uncertain

An international study provides the first global evaluation of all terrestrial vertebrate species that have not been declared extinct and identifies more than 500 species considered to be ...

Why Baby Leatherback Marine Turtles Can't 'See the Sea'

For most sea turtles, the journey to find the ocean from their nests is pretty straightforward. However, leatherback hatchlings more often crawl around in circles trying to find the ocean. Circling ...

Native Plant Gardening for Species Conservation

Declining native species could be planted in urban green spaces. Researchers now describe how to use this great potential for species protection. They recommend practical conservation gardening ...

Amazon Deforestation Threatens Newly Discovered Fish Species in Brazil

Researchers have discovered and described two new species of Amazonian fish -- one with striking red-orange fins and the other so small it is technically considered a miniature fish species. Both ...

Sea Turtle Success Stories Along African East Coast -- But Thousands Still Dying

Conservation of sea turtles along much of Africa's east coast has made good progress in recent decades -- but tens of thousands of turtles still die each year due to human activity, researchers ...

Not All Is Rosy for the Pink Pigeon

The authors of a major study on the once critically endangered pink pigeon say boosting the species' numbers is not enough to save it from extinction in the future. Despite the population ...

Smaller Female North Atlantic Right Whales Have Fewer Calves: Declining Body Size May Contribute to Low Birth Rates

The declining body size of North Atlantic right whales may have critical consequences for the future of the species. New research shows that smaller females produce fewer ...

Unusually Fast Beaked Whale Has Special Deep-Sea Hunting Strategy

Biologists have successfully used biologgers to reveal insights into the lifestyle and hunting behaviur of the little-known species Sowerby's beaked whale. The team's first results show ...

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