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June 28, 2022

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Earliest Record of Wildfires Provide Insights to Earth's Past Vegetation and Oxygen Levels

While wildfires over recent years have raged across much of the western United States and pose significant hazards to wildlife and local populations, ...

Scaling New Heights With New Research Showing How Plants Can Grow at Altitude

A new study has found that plant species are adapted to the altitude where they grow by 'sensing' the oxygen levels that surround ...

At Least 2,000 Species of Reptiles Are Threatened, Study Finds

A new study has found that 21 percent of the reptile species on Earth (one in five species), amounting to a total of about 2,000 species, are threatened with extinction. Experts estimate that there ...

Palms at the Poles: Fossil Plants Reveal Lush Southern Hemisphere Forests in Ancient Hothouse Climate

Plant fossils dating back 55 to 40 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch reveal details about the warmer and wetter climate. These conditions ...
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Invasive Species Are Taking Over Some American Forests

A new botanical survey of southwest Ohio found that invasive species introduced to the United States over the past century are crowding out many native ...

Gene-Edited Tomatoes Could Be a New Source of Vitamin D

Tomatoes gene-edited to produce vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be a simple and sustainable innovation to address a global health ...

What Happens When Plants Have Stress Reactions to Touch

A 30-year-old genetic mystery has been solved. It has previously been established that touch can trigger stress reactions in plants. However, the molecular models for explaining this process have ...

Function Follows Form in Plant Immunity

Scientists have discovered a novel biochemical mechanism explaining how immune proteins defend plants against invading ...

Satellite Monitoring of Biodiversity Moves Within Reach

Global biodiversity assessments require the collection of data on changes in plant biodiversity on an ongoing basis. Researchers have now shown that plant communities can be reliably monitored using ...

New Strategies to Save Rice, the World's Most Indispensable Grain

Plants — they’re just like us, with unique techniques for handling stress. To save one of the most important crops on Earth from extreme climate swings, scientists are mapping out plants’ own ...

How Plants Colonize the Base of an Active Stratovolcano

New research in plants that colonized the base of an active stratovolcano reveals that two simple molecular steps rewired nutrient transport, enabling ...

For Wetland Plants, Sea-Level Rise Stamps out Benefits of Higher CO2

Wetlands across the globe are in danger of drowning from rising seas. But for decades, scientists held out hope that another aspect of climate change -- rising carbon dioxide (CO2) -- could trigger ...

Native Plant Gardening for Species Conservation

Declining native species could be planted in urban green spaces. Researchers now describe how to use this great potential for species protection. They recommend practical conservation gardening ...

What Grasshoppers Feed on

Anyone walking past a meadow on a mild summer evening is often exposed to an impressive concert. It is the grasshoppers, bush crickets and crickets that create a Mediterranean atmosphere with their ...

Scientists have, for the first time, grown plants in soil from the Moon. They used soil collected during the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions. In their experiment, the researchers wanted to know if ...

Structure of 'Gliding Bird' Plant Protein Could Lead to Better Crops

When pathogens attack, the NPR1 protein steps in to control a plant's immune response. Scientists have now figured out what the protein looks like and how it works --- a possible boon for ...

Photosynthesis Unaffected by Increasing Carbon Dioxide Channels in Plant Membranes

In a recent study,botanists investigated the effects of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes, but could not detect any impact on photosynthesis in model tobacco ...

Cell Division in Moss and Animals More Similar Than Previously Thought

For a new plant to grow from a seed, cells need to divide numerous times. Daughter cells can each take on different tasks and sometimes vary in size. How plants determine the plane of cell division ...

A New Wearable Technology -- For Plants

Plants can't speak up when they are thirsty. And visual signs, such as shriveling or browning leaves, don't start until most of their water is gone. To detect water loss earlier, ...

In Poplars, Two Plant Hormones Boost Each Other in Defense Against Pathogenic Fungi

In contrast to previous assumptions, the defense hormones salicylic acid and jasmonic acid do not always suppress each other in regulating plant chemical defenses against pests and pathogens. In ...

Dinosaur Extinction Changed Plant Evolution

The absence of large herbivores after the extinction of the dinosaurs changed the evolution of plants. The 25 million years of large herbivore absence slowed down the evolution of new plant species. ...

Lighting the Tunnel of Plant Evolution: Scientists Explore Importance of Two-Pore Channels in Plants

Two-pore ion channels are present in many eukaryotes -- both animals and plants. While the possible involvement of these channels in environmental stress responses have been discussed in higher ...

A Prehistoric Forest Grows in Brunei

A new study of leaf fossils conducted in the nation of Brunei on the island of Borneo has revealed that the current dominant tree group, the dipterocarps, has dominated the rainforests for at least ...

Newly Discovered Protein in Fungus Bypasses Plant Defenses

Scientists have identified a protein that allows the fungus which causes white mold stem rot in more than 600 plant species to overcome plant defenses. Knowledge of this protein, called SsPINE1, ...

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