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June 26, 2022

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The neural and cognitive complexity of the octopus could originate from a molecular analogy with the human brain, according to a new study. The research shows that the same ...

Tapping the Ocean as a Source of Natural Products

Using DNA data, researchers have examined seawater to find not only new species of bacteria, but also previously unknown natural products that may one day prove ...

The Secret Lives of Mites in the Skin of Our Faces

A full DNA analysis of mites that live in the hair follicles of all humans reveals explanations for their bizarre mating habits, body features and evolutionary future. Inbreeding and isolation means ...

100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome Reveals Ancient Hybridization With Brown Bears

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 100,000-year-old polar bear has revealed that extensive hybridization between polar bears and brown bears occurred ...
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Common Drug-Resistant Superbug Develops Fast Resistance to 'Last Resort' Antibiotic

New research has found that Pseudomonas bacterium develops resistance much faster than usual to a common 'last-resort' ...

A new study is providing an enhanced look at the intertwined evolutionary histories of polar bears and brown bears. Becoming separate species did not completely stop these animals from mating with ...

Study Explores the Promises and Pitfalls of Evolutionary Genomics

A new study examines mathematical models designed to draw inferences about how evolution operates at the level of populations of organisms. The study concludes that such models must be constructed ...

New Study Deepens Understanding of How Animals See, and What Colors

Gathering vision data for hundreds of vertebrates and invertebrates, biologists have deepened scientists' understanding of animal vision, including the colors they see. The researchers ...

Wildlife's Worm-Wide Web

Many of us try to repress the thought of them, while others have come to accept them. Whatever your take on parasites is, they can tell scientists a lot about ecology, health and the ...

Breakthrough Study Examines Evolution of Snake Venom Genes

A new study provides the first comprehensive explanation of how snake venom regulatory systems evolved -- an important example that illuminates the evolution of new complex ...

Fish Cannibalism Rare in Wild, Study Finds

Mosquitofish and guppies, though known to be cannibalistic in captivity, are extremely unlikely to be cannibals in wild settings, and the rare instances of cannibalism in these fish are likely due to ...

Salmonella Vaccine for Poultry Contributed to Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Researchers Report

An investigation into the evolution of Salmonella bacteria infecting Brazilian poultry shows that the introduction of a Salmonella vaccine, combined with increasing antibiotic usage by Brazilian ...

What Oxytocin Can Tell Us About the Evolution of Human Prosociality

Modern humans are characterized by their prosociality, a broad term that encompasses intraspecies empathy, social tolerance, cooperation and altruism. These facets of social cognition have been ...

How Electric Fish Were Able to Evolve Electric Organs

A new study explains how small genetic changes enabled electric fish to evolve electric organs. The finding might also help scientists pinpoint the genetic mutations behind some human ...

Study Suggests That Most of Our Evolutionary Trees Could Be Wrong

New research suggests that determining evolutionary trees of organisms by comparing anatomy rather than gene sequences is misleading. The study shows that we often need to overturn centuries of ...

Researchers Design a Method to Pinpoint the Origin of Illegally Traded Chimpanzees

Researchers have produced the first catalog of genomic diversity for endangered chimpanzees in the wild. The catalog, which includes 828 chimp samples from across their range, offers a detailed ...

What Guppy Guts Can Teach Us About Evolution

Thanks to a unique combination of biology and ecology, the guppies have provided researchers with insights into evolution for decades. Evans and Fitzpatrick have pushed those insights a step further, ...

Using zinc isotopes, researchers investigated the diet of megalodon, the largest shark to have ever ...

An Arms Race That Plays out in a Single Genome

We often think of biological arms races occurring between the immune system and pathogens, or predator and prey, but biologists have now discovered an example that plays out within a single genome. ...

Spines of Life: Fast-Breeding Sea Urchin Provides New Model for Genetic Research

Researchers have established the sea urchin species Temnopleurus reevesii as a new model for genetic research. Unlike urchins previously used as biological models, T. reevesii has a short breeding ...

'Fuel of Evolution' More Abundant Than Previously Thought in Wild Animals

The raw material for evolution is much more abundant in wild animals than we previously believed, according to new ...

A Synthetic Antibiotic May Help Turn the Tide Against Drug-Resistant Pathogens

A synthesized antibiotic derived from computer models of bacterial gene products appears to neutralize even drug-resistant bacteria. The compound, named cilagicin, works well in mice and employs a ...

Professional 'Guilds' of Bacteria Gave Rise to the Modern Microbiome

Even the smallest marine invertebrates -- some barely larger than single-celled protists -- are home to distinct and diverse microbial communities, or microbiomes, according to biologists. The study ...

Perplexing Fish-Like Fossil Finally Classified

For the first time since its discovery 130 years ago one of the most mysterious fossil vertebrates has finally been classified, increasing our possible understanding of the first animals to crawl on ...

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