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June 26, 2022

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The Secret Lives of Mites in the Skin of Our Faces

A full DNA analysis of mites that live in the hair follicles of all humans reveals explanations for their bizarre mating habits, body features and evolutionary future. Inbreeding and isolation means ...

Right Whales' Survival Rates Plummet After Severe Injury from Fishing Gear

Most North Atlantic right whales that are severely injured in fishing gear entanglements die within three years, a study finds. Severely injured whales were up to eight times more likely to die than ...

Pioneering Study Shows Climate Played Crucial Role in Changing Location of Ancient Coral Reefs

Prehistoric coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth's equator than today, new research has ...

'Fantastic Giant Tortoise,' Believed Extinct, Confirmed Alive in the Galápagos

A tortoise from a Galápagos species long believed extinct has been found alive. Fernanda, named after her Fernandina Island home, is the first of ...
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Scientists Conceptualize a Species 'Stock Market' to Put a Price Tag on Actions Posing Risks to Biodiversity

Species have intrinsic value, but also provide ecosystem services of major economic value, for example, bees that pollinate our crops. However, as such values are hard to translate into figures, ...

Are New Corals in Sydney Dangerous Invaders or Harmless Refugees?

A new study has found that invading subtropical corals will survive and thrive in coastal Sydney, which could spell trouble for existing Sydney coral ...

Ningaloo Corals Are Ill-Equipped to Handle Future Climate Change

The relatively pristine coral populations of WA's inshore Kimberley region are better equipped to survive ocean warming than the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park, according to a new ...

At Least 2,000 Species of Reptiles Are Threatened, Study Finds

A new study has found that 21 percent of the reptile species on Earth (one in five species), amounting to a total of about 2,000 species, are threatened with extinction. Experts estimate that there ...

Using zinc isotopes, researchers investigated the diet of megalodon, the largest shark to have ever ...

AI Learns Coral Reef 'Song'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can track the health of coral reefs by learning the 'song of the reef', new research ...

British Coral Predicted to Be Resilient to Climate Change

An iconic coral species found in UK waters could expand its range due to climate change, new research ...

More Reptile Species May Be at Risk of Extinction Than Previously Thought

The iconic Red List of Threatened Species, published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), identifies species at risk of extinction. In a new study, researchers present a ...

Hot-Blooded T. Rex and Cold-Blooded Stegosaurus: Chemical Clues Reveal Dinosaur Metabolisms

Paleontologists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded, like modern mammals and birds, or cold-blooded, like modern reptiles. In a new paper, scientists are unveiling a new method for ...

First Australians Ate Giant Eggs of Huge Flightless Birds, Ancient Proteins Confirm

Scientists settle debate surrounding species that laid eggs exploited by early Australian people around 50,000 years ago. Shell proteins point to Genyornis, which was among the 'mega-fauna' ...

'Moth Highways' Could Help Resist Climate Change Impact

Real data gathered by volunteers was combined with new computer models for the first time to reveal which UK moth species are struggling to expand into new regions and the landscape barriers ...

Snake Trade in Indonesia Is Not Sustainable Enough -- But It Could Be

A substantial part of the trade in blood pythons in Indonesia is illegal and underreported, a new study has found. The study found no convincing evidence that the harvest of blood pythons in the area ...

'Traffic Calming' Boosts Breeding on Coral Reefs

Coral reef fish breed more successfully if motorboat noise is reduced, new research ...

Lost or Extinct? Study Finds the Existence of More Than 500 Animal Species Remains Uncertain

An international study provides the first global evaluation of all terrestrial vertebrate species that have not been declared extinct and identifies more than 500 species considered to be ...

Past Events Reveal How Future Warming Could Harm Cold-Water Corals

How will future warming of the planet impact cold-water corals? A new analysis of ancient evidence from the last major global warming event identifies food and oxygen supply as key environmental ...

Native Plant Gardening for Species Conservation

Declining native species could be planted in urban green spaces. Researchers now describe how to use this great potential for species protection. They recommend practical conservation gardening ...

First Animals Developed Complex Ecosystems Before the Cambrian Explosion

Early animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, setting the evolutionary stage for the Cambrian explosion, according to a new ...

Amazon Deforestation Threatens Newly Discovered Fish Species in Brazil

Researchers have discovered and described two new species of Amazonian fish -- one with striking red-orange fins and the other so small it is technically considered a miniature fish species. Both ...

Striking New Snake Species Discovered in Paraguay

A beautiful, non-venomous snake of the genus Phalotris, previously unknown to science, was discovered in Paraguay and has now been ...

Not All Is Rosy for the Pink Pigeon

The authors of a major study on the once critically endangered pink pigeon say boosting the species' numbers is not enough to save it from extinction in the future. Despite the population ...

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