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June 26, 2022

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Megalodon sharks, which went extinct about 3 million years ago, were three times longer than modern great white sharks and were apex predators at highest trophic level ever ...

Panthers Now Number One Predator of White-Tailed Deer in Southwest Florida

A new study found Florida panthers are the No. 1 cause of mortality for white-tailed deer in Southwest Florida. The researchers set out to get a better picture of what factors most affect the ...

Health: Higher Fish Consumption May Be Associated With Increased Melanoma Risk

Eating higher levels of fish, including tuna and non-fried fish, appears to be associated with a greater risk of malignant melanoma, suggests a large ...

As the Ocean Heats Up Hungrier Predators Take Control

A hotter ocean is a hungrier ocean -- at least as far as fish predators are concerned. Scientists have discovered predator impacts in the Atlantic and Pacific peak at higher temperatures. The effects ...
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Research Highlights Importance of Large Wood in Streams for Land-Based Animals

Land managers have invested millions of dollars annually since the 1980s to place large pieces of wood back in streams, owing primarily to its importance for fish habitat. But little is known about ...

Are New Corals in Sydney Dangerous Invaders or Harmless Refugees?

A new study has found that invading subtropical corals will survive and thrive in coastal Sydney, which could spell trouble for existing Sydney coral ...

'Ugly' Reef Fishes Are Most in Need of Conservation Support

What's the relationship between people's perception of beauty and animals' conservation needs? According to a machine-learning study, the reef fishes that people find most beautiful ...

Lessons from the Past: How Cold-Water Corals Respond to Global Warming

Corals react to changes in their environment. This is true for tropical as well as cold-water corals and includes, among others, changes in temperature, salinity and pH values. Researchers have now ...

Deciphering the Migratory Pattern of the Smallest Seabird in the Mediterranean

It had always been thought that the Mediterranean population of the European storm petrel -- the smallest seabird in the Mediterranean -- spent the year in this sea and that only a small part of the ...

A new study is providing an enhanced look at the intertwined evolutionary histories of polar bears and brown bears. Becoming separate species did not completely stop these animals from mating with ...

Fish Cannibalism Rare in Wild, Study Finds

Mosquitofish and guppies, though known to be cannibalistic in captivity, are extremely unlikely to be cannibals in wild settings, and the rare instances of cannibalism in these fish are likely due to ...

How Electric Fish Were Able to Evolve Electric Organs

A new study explains how small genetic changes enabled electric fish to evolve electric organs. The finding might also help scientists pinpoint the genetic mutations behind some human ...

About 3 Grams a Day of Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Blood Pressure, More Research Needed

While there is some evidence that consuming omega-3 fatty acids in food or dietary supplements may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, the optimal amount to consume for this benefit is unclear. A ...

What Guppy Guts Can Teach Us About Evolution

Thanks to a unique combination of biology and ecology, the guppies have provided researchers with insights into evolution for decades. Evans and Fitzpatrick have pushed those insights a step further, ...

A Cushy Lab Life Has Its Evolutionary Costs -- When It Comes to Fish, That Is

An animal's ability to adapt to its environment is clearly key to its survival, but does that ability come at a physiological cost? A clever experiment comparing laboratory zebrafish with their ...

AI Learns Coral Reef 'Song'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can track the health of coral reefs by learning the 'song of the reef', new research ...

British Coral Predicted to Be Resilient to Climate Change

An iconic coral species found in UK waters could expand its range due to climate change, new research ...

Perplexing Fish-Like Fossil Finally Classified

For the first time since its discovery 130 years ago one of the most mysterious fossil vertebrates has finally been classified, increasing our possible understanding of the first animals to crawl on ...

Novel Environmental DNA Monitoring Method for Identifying Rare and Endangered Fish Species Sold in Hong Kong Wet Markets

Researchers have outlined a powerful new tool for monitoring trade of rare and endangered fish species in Hong Kong wet markets. Using environmental DNA (eDNA) present in the drain runoff water of ...

'Traffic Calming' Boosts Breeding on Coral Reefs

Coral reef fish breed more successfully if motorboat noise is reduced, new research ...

Two Pathogens Linked to Salmon Health and Survival

Many wild salmon populations in B.C. have experienced substantial declines over the last three decades. New research can help chart a course towards better protection of wild ...

Scallops Swim Into Illuminated Fishing Pots

Scallops are drawn to illuminated fishing pots like moths to a flame. The study examined the effect of LED lights on crab and lobster pots used by fishing boats off the coast of Cornwall, UK, and the ...

At-Risk Sea Life in the Atlantic Needs Better Protection from an Increase in Shipping

New research has shown a dramatic increase in shipping in the North East Atlantic.  Scientists now warn that more monitoring in the area is required to help protect sea life on the at-risk ...

Amazon Deforestation Threatens Newly Discovered Fish Species in Brazil

Researchers have discovered and described two new species of Amazonian fish -- one with striking red-orange fins and the other so small it is technically considered a miniature fish species. Both ...

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