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June 28, 2022

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Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Can We Save More Lives If We Let Resistant Bacteria Live?

Every day, people die of simple inflammation because bacteria can no longer be killed with antibiotics. So what do we do? Maybe we should spend less energy on killing them and more on 'only' making ...

Scientists Develop Antimicrobial, Plant-Based Food Wrap Designed to Replace Plastic

Aiming to produce environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic food wrap and containers, a scientist has developed a biodegradable, plant-based ...
Researchers have identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during exercise and can effectively reduce food intake and obesity ...
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Global Food Supply-Chain Issues Call for Solutions

A new study sheds light on how trade, and centrality in the global wheat trade network, affect food security. The study shows that many countries depend on trade to fulfill their food needs. Further, ...

Microbial Link Between Western-Style Diet and Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Uncovered

New research builds the case that a Western-style diet -- rich in red and processed meat, sugar and refined grains/carbohydrates -- is tied to higher risk of colorectal cancer through the intestinal ...

Soy Sauce's Salt-Enhancing Peptides

Soy sauce deepens the flavor of soup stocks, gives stir-fried rice its sweet-salty glaze and makes a plate of dumplings absolutely enjoyable. But what exactly makes this complex, salty, umami sauce ...

New Processing Technique Could Make Potatoes Healthier

Researchers announced early tests of a new potato processing technique designed to make our bodies digest potato starch more slowly. Laboratory demonstrations show that the approach blocks certain ...

Food Insecurity and Water Insecurity Go Hand-in-Hand, Study Finds

In a new 25-country study, researchers report a strong link between water insecurity -- a lack of reliable access to sufficient water -- and food ...

Study Shows People 'Right Size' Portions of High-Calorie Foods

New research has revealed that humans moderate the size of energy-rich meals they eat, suggesting people are smarter eaters than previously ...

Warning Labels Could Help Customers Identify Hidden Sugar in Restaurant Menus

Seeing a warning icon on a restaurant menu may help consumers identify the high amounts of added sugar hidden in menu items -- and it may even convince them to reach for healthier items like water, ...

A Digital Twin for Citrus Fruits

Around one third of all food worldwide ends up in the trash bin instead of on our plate. With the help of digital twins, researchers are now aiming to reduce food waste, for example in the case of ...

Salmonella Vaccine for Poultry Contributed to Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Researchers Report

An investigation into the evolution of Salmonella bacteria infecting Brazilian poultry shows that the introduction of a Salmonella vaccine, combined with increasing antibiotic usage by Brazilian ...

Coffee Consumption Link to Reduced Risk of Acute Kidney Injury, Study Finds

If you need another reason to start the day drinking a cup of joe, a recent study has revealed that consuming at least one cup of coffee a day may reduce the risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) when ...

Consumers Embrace Milk Carton QR Codes, May Cut Food Waste

The 'use-by' and 'best-by' dates printed on milk cartons and gallon jugs may soon become a thing of the past, giving way to more accurate and informative QR codes. A new study ...

About 3 Grams a Day of Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Blood Pressure, More Research Needed

While there is some evidence that consuming omega-3 fatty acids in food or dietary supplements may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, the optimal amount to consume for this benefit is unclear. A ...

Easy, Flexible Access to Produce, Resources Boosts Healthy Eating for Kids

What children eat affects their lifelong health, but changing their habits can be difficult. However, a new study found that providing easy access to produce and resources can lead to big ...

Researchers Use CRISPR Technology to Modify Starches in Potatoes

Humble potatoes are a rich source not only of dietary carbohydrates for humans, but also of starches for numerous industrial applications. Scientists are learning how to alter the ratio of ...

Climate Change on Course to Hit U.S. Corn Belt Especially Hard, Study Finds

Climate change will make the U.S. Corn Belt unsuitable for cultivating corn by 2100 without major technological advances in agricultural practices, a new study ...

Gene-Edited Tomatoes Could Be a New Source of Vitamin D

Tomatoes gene-edited to produce vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be a simple and sustainable innovation to address a global health ...

Past Events Reveal How Future Warming Could Harm Cold-Water Corals

How will future warming of the planet impact cold-water corals? A new analysis of ancient evidence from the last major global warming event identifies food and oxygen supply as key environmental ...

Diet Plays Key Role in ADHD Symptoms in Children

Here's another good reason for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to eat their fruits and vegetables: It may help reduce inattention issues, a new study ...

Unlocking the Secrets of Killer Whale Diets and Their Role in Climate Change

Researchers have discovered new clues to understand how killer whales impact their ...

How Cranberries Could Improve Memory and Ward Off Dementia

Researchers have found that eating cranberries could improve memory, ward off dementia, and reduce 'bad' cholesterol. The research team studied the benefits of consuming the equivalent of a ...

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