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June 26, 2022

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Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...
New research transforms our understanding of the circumstances and timing of the domestication of chickens, their spread across Asia into the west, and reveals the changing ...

Gene-Edited Tomatoes Could Be a New Source of Vitamin D

Tomatoes gene-edited to produce vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, could be a simple and sustainable innovation to address a global health ...

Diet Plays Key Role in ADHD Symptoms in Children

Here's another good reason for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to eat their fruits and vegetables: It may help reduce inattention issues, a new study ...
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Soy Sauce's Salt-Enhancing Peptides

Soy sauce deepens the flavor of soup stocks, gives stir-fried rice its sweet-salty glaze and makes a plate of dumplings absolutely enjoyable. But what exactly makes this complex, salty, umami sauce ...

New Processing Technique Could Make Potatoes Healthier

Researchers announced early tests of a new potato processing technique designed to make our bodies digest potato starch more slowly. Laboratory demonstrations show that the approach blocks certain ...

Food Insecurity and Water Insecurity Go Hand-in-Hand, Study Finds

In a new 25-country study, researchers report a strong link between water insecurity -- a lack of reliable access to sufficient water -- and food ...

How Much Spring Nitrogen to Apply? Pre-Planting Weather May Provide a Clue

With the rising cost of nitrogen fertilizer and its impacts on air and water quality, researchers want to help farmers make more informed fertilizer rate decisions. Their latest modeling effort aims ...

A Digital Twin for Citrus Fruits

Around one third of all food worldwide ends up in the trash bin instead of on our plate. With the help of digital twins, researchers are now aiming to reduce food waste, for example in the case of ...

Researchers Have Developed a Potential Super Wheat for Salty Soils

Researchers have developed several new varieties of wheat that tolerate soils with higher salt concentrations. After having mutated a wheat variety from Bangladesh, they now have a wheat with seeds ...

Oat Reference Genome: Insights Into a Uniquely Healthy Cereal Crop

Cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.) is an old crop thought to have been domesticated over 3,000 years ago, while growing as a weed in wheat and barley fields. Oat has a low carbon footprint, substantial ...

From Degrowth to a Sustainable Food System Transformation

Proponents of degrowth have long argued that economic growth is detrimental to the environment. Now, scientists show that concerning the food sector, curbing growth alone would not make our food ...

Global Food Trade Research Upends Assumptions About How Biodiversity Fares

Researchers have come to a surprising new understanding of the complexities of the global food trade and the impacts of biodiversity ...

Higher Wheat Yields and Protein Content on the Horizon

A team of international researchers has discovered a way to produce higher quality wheat. The scientists have identified a genetic driver that improves yield traits in wheat, which unexpectedly can ...

What Benefits Nutrition in Africa the Most?

Malnutrition in developing countries is best addressed not by increasing the variety of crops grown on smallholder farms, but by improving access to markets. More variety in animal production, ...

A Better Diet Helps Beat Depression in Young Men

Young men with a poor diet saw a significant improvement in their symptoms of depression when they switched to a healthy Mediterranean diet, a new study ...

Water Scarcity Predicted to Worsen in More Than 80% of Croplands Globally This Century

Agricultural water scarcity is expected to increase in more than 80% of the world's croplands by 2050, according to a new ...

Will Climate Change Increase the Risk of Aflatoxin in U.S. Corn?

As climate change continues to alter weather patterns around the planet including the Midwest, researchers are modeling the impact on crops such as ...

Fungi-Based Meat Alternatives to Help Save Earth's Forests

Substituting 20 % of meat from cattle with microbial protein -- a meat alternative produced in fermentation tanks -- by 2050 could halve deforestation, a new analysis finds. The market-ready meat ...

New Cocoa Processing Method Produces Fruitier, More 'Flowery' Dark Chocolate

Producing chocolate, one of the world's most beloved sweets, is a multistep process beginning with freshly harvested cocoa beans. People have been experimenting with chocolate-making for ...

Meat Substitutes: Environment Does Not Motivate Consumption

People who have a critical attitude toward factory farming or who pay attention to their health in everyday life are more likely to turn to meat substitutes. Concern for the environment, on the other ...

Meat Consumption Must Fall by at Least 75 Percent

If our planet Earth is to continue feeding us in the future, rich countries must significantly reduce their meat consumption -- ideally by at least 75 percent. The study reviews the current state of ...

Bean Cultivation in Diverse Agricultural Landscapes Promotes Bees and Increases Yields

Pollination by insects is essential for the production of many food crops. The presence of pollinators, such as bees, depends on the availability of nesting sites and sufficient food. If these ...

Humans Possess Surprising Nutritional Intelligence

Pioneering research has shed new light on what drives people's basic food preferences, indicating our choices may be smarter than previously thought and influenced by the specific nutrients, as ...

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