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June 26, 2022

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Giant Bacteria Found in Guadeloupe Mangroves Challenge Traditional Concepts

Researchers describe the morphological and genomic features of a 'macro' microbe' -- a giant filamentous bacterium composed of a single cell discovered in the mangroves of Guadeloupe. Using various ...

The Secret Lives of Mites in the Skin of Our Faces

A full DNA analysis of mites that live in the hair follicles of all humans reveals explanations for their bizarre mating habits, body features and evolutionary future. Inbreeding and isolation means ...

Can We Save More Lives If We Let Resistant Bacteria Live?

Every day, people die of simple inflammation because bacteria can no longer be killed with antibiotics. So what do we do? Maybe we should spend less energy on killing them and more on 'only' making ...
Researchers have identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during exercise and can effectively reduce food intake and obesity ...
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Researchers Discover a New Receptor Regulating Sebaceous Gland Progenitor Cell Function

Stem cells and progenitor cells play an important role in the renewal of multiple tissues. Scientists have discovered a molecule called embigin on the surface of epithelia progenitor cells and proven ...

Can a Parasitic Wasp Save Your Fruit Crops?

Researchers developed a toolkit for investigating the molecular mechanisms governing the parasitic nature of the wasp species Asobara japonica. They first used DNA and RNA-sequencing-based techniques ...

Dynamic Rearrangement and Autophagic Degradation of the Mitochondria During Plant Spermiogenesis

Researchers have reported that in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha, the number of mitochondria in the spermatozoid (sperm) is controlled by autophagy during ...

New Perspective on RNA Function: RNA Regulates Proteins and Thereby Can Control Cell Growth, Study Shows

Scientists gained new insights into RNA-mediated regulation of proteins (riboregulation) and its role in controlling cell growth, and most importantly how undifferentiated cells (embryonic stem ...

Mechanism of Expanding Bacteria Revealed

The process that allows bacteria to expand and grow while maintaining the strength of the cell walls has been identified as offering a potential new target for ...

Genetic Discovery Could Spell Mosquitoes' Death Knell

A genetic discovery could turn disease-carrying mosquitoes into insect Peter Pans, preventing them from ever maturing or ...

Parasitic Worms Reveal New Insights Into the Evolution of Sex and Sex Chromosomes

Studying two highly divergent phyla of worms that contain numerous parasites that cause human and livestock diseases, new research sheds light on how sexual reproduction and subsequent great ...

Stem Cells Unraveled: We're One Step Closer to Making Organs in a Dish

Using a mouse model, researchers have deciphered an alternative route that certain cells take to make organs and used that knowledge to exploit a new type of stem cells as a potential source of ...

Do Our Genes Determine What We Eat?

Preliminary findings from a new study involving more than 6,000 adults found that taste-related genes may play a role in determining food choices and could, in turn, influence cardiometabolic ...

Gene Hunting Leads Researchers to Solve Mystery of Inhibition of Awn Elongation in Sorghum

Over the years, the domestication of grasses like wheat, rice, barley, and sorghum for consumption has resulted in certain modifications to their morphology. One such modification is the partial or ...

Genes Reveal Coffee Is Safe During Pregnancy, Study Suggests

Researchers have used genetics to analyze coffee drinking behavior, and their findings show limited coffee consumption during pregnancy didn't increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth or ...

Unravelling the Diversity of the Wild House Mouse

Scientists have revealed the genetic structure and diversity, and inferred the population history, of the wild house mouse across Europe and ...

Fluorescence Microscopy Shows How Living Cells Form Vesicles to Transport Cargo Like Growth Factors

Cells have a clever way called clathrin-mediated endocytosis to transport cargos like growth factors across the cell membrane and into the cell. Researchers used a sophisticated fluorescence ...

Researchers Discover Mechanism Linking Mutations in the 'Dark Matter' of the Genome to Cancer

Many sections of the non-coding region of the human genome play a key role in regulating gene activity. But the relationship between non-coding mutations and cancer risk has been a mystery. New ...

New Way of Generating Insulin-Producing Cells

Researchers show how a molecule that they have identified stimulates the formation of new insulin-producing cells in zebrafish and mammalian tissue, through a newly described mechanism for regulating ...

Bacterial Intimacy Insights Could Help Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

Researchers have uncovered new details about how bacteria hook up to exchange DNA that helps them resist ...

Decoding a Key Part of the Cell, Atom by Atom

A team led by André Hoelz has made two big leaps forward in our understanding of the nuclear pore complex, a vital cellular ...

How Crops Can Better Survive Floods

Researchers show which signaling pathways make plants more resistant to flooding. The molecule ethylene is a warning signal for plants that they are under water and switches on the emergency supply ...

New Research Gives Insights Into How Organelles Divide in Cells

A pioneering study has shed new light on how subcellular organelles divide and ...

Chromatin Originated in Ancient Microbes One to Two Billion Years Ago

Researchers now reveal that nature's storage solution first evolved in ancient microbes living on Earth between one and two billion years ...

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