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June 28, 2022

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Genome of Voracious Desert Locust Sequenced

The first high-quality genome of the desert locust -- those voracious feeders of plague and devastation infamy and the most destructive migratory insect in the world -- has been produced. The genome ...

Moth Wing-Inspired Sound Absorbing Wallpaper in Sight After Breakthrough

Experts at the University of Bristol have discovered that the scales on moth wings act as excellent sound absorbers even when placed on an artificial ...

Genetic Discovery Could Spell Mosquitoes' Death Knell

A genetic discovery could turn disease-carrying mosquitoes into insect Peter Pans, preventing them from ever maturing or ...

Despite Dire Warnings, Monarch Butterfly Numbers Are Solid

Scientists have been warning for quite some time that monarch butterflies were slated for extinction due to diminishing winter colonies. But a new study found that warming temperatures and growth in ...
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Can a Parasitic Wasp Save Your Fruit Crops?

Researchers developed a toolkit for investigating the molecular mechanisms governing the parasitic nature of the wasp species Asobara japonica. They first used DNA and RNA-sequencing-based techniques ...

Death of Bats at Wind Turbines Interrupts Natural Food Chains

The numerous casualties of bats at wind turbines (WT) have a negative impact on the populations of affected species and potentially far-reaching consequences for the biodiversity in rural areas. ...

Tobacco Hawkmoths Always Find the Right Odor

Tobacco hawkmoths can distinguish crucial from irrelevant odors in a complex odorous mixture to locate food sources and host plants for laying their ...

Tired Mosquitoes Would Rather Catch Up on Sleep Than Bite You

Turns out you're not the only one who needs a good night's rest to function well the next day. Researchers found that mosquitoes whose slumber is disrupted are more interested in catching ...

Engineers Uncover Secret 'Thinking' Behind Dandelions' Seed Dispersal

High on sunshine, humans often decide when dandelions get to spread their species -- but the puffballs have their own ideas on how best to ...

'Fuel of Evolution' More Abundant Than Previously Thought in Wild Animals

The raw material for evolution is much more abundant in wild animals than we previously believed, according to new ...

A Family of Termites Has Been Traversing the World's Oceans for Millions of Years

A comprehensive family tree, based on DNA sequences, has revealed that drywood termites have made at least 40 oceanic journeys over the last 50 million years to reach far flung ...

Light Pollution Can Disorient Monarch Butterflies

Biologists say nighttime light pollution can interfere with the remarkable navigational abilities of monarchs, which travel as far as Canada to Mexico and back during their multi-generational ...

Satellites and Drones Can Help Save Pollinators

Satellites and drones can provide key information to protect pollinators. A new study examines new ways of using these technologies to track the availability of flowers, and says this could be ...

'Moth Highways' Could Help Resist Climate Change Impact

Real data gathered by volunteers was combined with new computer models for the first time to reveal which UK moth species are struggling to expand into new regions and the landscape barriers ...

Are People Swapping Their Cats and Goldfish for Praying Mantises?

Praying mantises have gained recent popularity as pets, sold at animal fairs and pet markets, but also collected in the wild by a fast-growing community of hobbyists and professional marketers. An ...

CRISPR Now Possible in Cockroaches

Researchers have developed a CRISPR-Cas9 approach to enable gene editing in cockroaches, according to a new study. The simple and efficient technique, named 'direct parental' CRISPR ...

Chinese Penduline Tit Buries Eggs to Prevent Them from Blowin' in the Wind

Many animal species bury their eggs, for a number of different reasons. While it is firmly established that Eurasian penduline tits bury them because of sexual conflict, their Chinese counterparts ...

Researchers have untangled the intricate physics and neural controls that enable dragonflies to right themselves while they're ...

Sugar Aversion Hampers Cockroach Coupling

How does a cockroach's aversion to sugar turn into an aversion to mating? Researchers discover the mechanism behind this ...

Fruit Flies Prioritize Mating Over Survival

Fruit flies continue to mate with each other even when infected with deadly pathogens -- reveals a new ...

Fossil Discovery Reveals That Trilobites Had Clasper-Like Limbs Used for Mating

Thanks to their easily fossilized exoskeleton, trilobites largely dominate the fossil record of early complex animal life. However, trilobite appendages and the anatomy of the underside of their body ...

Climate Change Is Pushing Pine Defoliating Moth Northward 50 Years Ahead of Earlier Predictions

In Finland, climate change is causing the pine pest Panolis flammea, or pine beauty moth, to shift its range northward 50 years ahead of predictions. Changes in both the distribution and size of the ...

Head, Body, Eye Coordination Conserved Across Animal Kingdom

Fruit flies synchronize the movements of their heads and bodies to stabilize their vision and fly effectively, according to researchers who utilized virtual-reality flight simulators. The finding ...

These Bats Deter Predators by Buzzing Like Hornets

In Batesian mimicry, a harmless species imitates a more dangerous one in an evolutionary 'ruse' that affords the mimic protection from would-be predators. Now, researchers have discovered ...

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