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June 26, 2022

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A Rare Discovery of Long-Term Memory in Wild Frog-Eating Bats

Frog-eating bats trained by researchers to associate a phone ringtone with a tasty treat were able to remember what they learned for up to four years in the wild, new research has ...

100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome Reveals Ancient Hybridization With Brown Bears

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 100,000-year-old polar bear has revealed that extensive hybridization between polar bears and brown bears occurred ...

Newly Documented Population of Polar Bears in Southeast Greenland Sheds Light on the Species' Future in a Warming Arctic

A new population of polar bears documented on the southeast coast of Greenland use glacier ice to survive despite limited access to sea ice. This ...

A Large Predator from the Pyrenees

A fossilized lower jaw has led an international team of palaeontologists to discover a new species of predator that once lived in Europe. These large predators belong to a group of carnivores ...
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Research Highlights Importance of Large Wood in Streams for Land-Based Animals

Land managers have invested millions of dollars annually since the 1980s to place large pieces of wood back in streams, owing primarily to its importance for fish habitat. But little is known about ...

Vocal Non-Native Songbird Could Change Britain's Dawn Chorus as We Know It

A tiny but loud, brightly colored songbird from subtropical Asia could be emerging as a new invasive species in Britain, threatening to dominate the dawn chorus of native Robins, Blackbirds and ...

India's Relic Forests Reveal a New Species of Leopard Gecko

Deep in the forests of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in India lives Eublepharis pictus, also known as the Painted Leopard Gecko -- a colourful gecko species that only now revealed its true identity. ...

Red Pandas Face a Fractured Future

The much-loved red panda is renowned for its tree-climbing ability and adorable nature, but new research shows the endangered mammal is being driven closer to ...

The New York -- New Jersey Harbor Estuary Is a Dining Hotspot During Summer and Autumn Months for Bottlenose Dolphins

They click. They whistle. They love seafood. They are New York City's nearshore bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) that return to feed in local waters from spring to fall each year, and a ...

Wind Turbines Operating Without Curtailment Claim Many Victims Among Protected Bat Species in Germany

Protected and rare bats regularly die at wind turbines (WT). This is why the operation of new wind turbines is temporarily curtailed during periods of high bat activity. Old wind turbines run without ...

The Secret to a Longer Lifespan? Gene Regulation Holds a Clue

Researchers investigated genes connected to lifespan. Their research uncovered specific characteristics of these genes and revealed that two regulatory systems controlling gene expression -- ...

'Fuel of Evolution' More Abundant Than Previously Thought in Wild Animals

The raw material for evolution is much more abundant in wild animals than we previously believed, according to new ...

Bat Brains Organized for Echolocation and Flight

A new study shows how the brains of Egyptian fruit bats are highly specialized for echolocation and flight, with motor areas of the cerebral cortex that are dedicated to sonar production and wing ...

Reference Genomes Provide First Insights Into Genetic Roots of Mustelid Physiological and Behavioral Diversity

Mustelids are the most ecologically and taxonomically diverse family within the order Carnivora. From the tayra in the neotropics to the wolverine in the subarctic, they inhabit a variety of ...

Horses and Pigs Sense Harsh Speaking Tones

How we speak matters to animals. Horses, pigs and wild horses can distinguish between negative and positive sounds from their fellow species and near relatives, as well as from human speech. The ...

Watch Dolphins Line Up to Self-Medicate Skin Ailments at Coral 'Clinics'

If a human comes down with a rash, they might go to the doctor and come away with some ointment to put on it. Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins get skin conditions, too, but they come about their ...

Unlocking the Secrets of Killer Whale Diets and Their Role in Climate Change

Researchers have discovered new clues to understand how killer whales impact their ...

It's a Female Bonobo's World: Ecologists Propose New Tools to Assess Sex and Power Among Wild Animals

In the wild, it might seem like male animals run the show. But researchers have laid a new framework to assess power distribution between the sexes, and its application has shown that in some animal ...

Scientists See Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury in Headbutting Muskox

Scientists saw for the first time hallmarks of concussions and other head trauma in the brains of deceased headbutting animals -- muskoxen and bighorn sheep. The results may contradict the ...

Scientists Provide More Than 50K Camera Trap Images for Massive Study on Amazon Wildlife

Scientists working in the vast Amazon Basin have contributed more than 57,000 camera trap images for a new ...

Smaller Female North Atlantic Right Whales Have Fewer Calves: Declining Body Size May Contribute to Low Birth Rates

The declining body size of North Atlantic right whales may have critical consequences for the future of the species. New research shows that smaller females produce fewer ...

Unusually Fast Beaked Whale Has Special Deep-Sea Hunting Strategy

Biologists have successfully used biologgers to reveal insights into the lifestyle and hunting behaviur of the little-known species Sowerby's beaked whale. The team's first results show ...

Discovered: 150-Year-Old Platypus and Echidna Specimens That Proved Some Mammals Lay Eggs

Jars of tiny platypus and echidna specimens, collected in the late 1800s by the scientist William Caldwell, have been discovered in the stores of Cambridge's University Museum of ...

Livestock and Dairying Led to Dramatic Social Changes in Ancient Mongolia

The movement of herders and livestock into the eastern steppe is of great interest to researchers, but few scholars have linked the introduction of herds and horses to the rise of complex ...

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