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June 28, 2022

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Amazon Landscape Change Study Highlights Ecological Harms and Opportunities for Action

A major study into landscape changes in the Brazilian Amazon sheds new light on the many environmental threats the biome faces -- but also offers ...

Heat Waves Could Lead to Avian Population Decline

Researchers examined how heat impacts the behavior and physiology of Zebra finches. They discovered that heat altered the activity of hundreds of genes in the testis, but fewer in the brain, ...

Modeling Historical Biomass Could Be Key to Buffering Climate Change

A new study paints a vivid image of how forests developed over centuries and contribute to Earth's carbon balance -- a crucial component to maintaining a steady global climate. The study ...
An international team of 114 scientists reports the most comprehensive study of aging and longevity to date of reptiles and ...
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Protected Areas in Africa Are Too Small to Safeguard Rapidly Declining Vulture Populations

Vultures perform important ecosystem functions as they clean the landscape by eating carcasses and thus limit the spread of wildlife diseases. Yet, vulture populations are rapidly declining, mainly ...

Climate Change Negatively Impacting Bumble Bees

Temperature changes have negatively impacted most species of bumble bees over the past 120 years, according to new new research. The researchers note that changes in temperature had more of a ...

Maine Wild Blueberry Fields Experience Warming Differently Depending on Location, Season, Time, Study Finds

To identify variations in climate across Maine wild blueberry fields at different times of the day and year, researchers analyzed annual and seasonal data from 1980-2020 for Washington, Hancock, ...

Tree Species Diversity Under Pressure

A new global study of 46,752 tree species shows that many of them are under substantial pressure and poorly protected. The research team has also studied how this situation can be improved by ...

What the Nose Doesn't Know Helps Wildlife: Using Olfactory Cues to Protect Vulnerable Species

Behavioral ecologists have discovered a way to harness animals' olfactory ability to protect vulnerable plants and endangered ...

Remote Sensing Helps Track Carbon Storage in Mangroves

Researchers have developed a model that can estimate the productivity of mangrove forests at large scales. A remote sensing-based productivity model that considered the effects of tidal inundation ...

Scientists Conceptualize a Species 'Stock Market' to Put a Price Tag on Actions Posing Risks to Biodiversity

Species have intrinsic value, but also provide ecosystem services of major economic value, for example, bees that pollinate our crops. However, as such values are hard to translate into figures, ...

Evolutionary Biology: The Greening Ashore

A team has been studying the current state of research on the plant colonization of land that occurred some 500 million years ...

Invasive Species Are Taking Over Some American Forests

A new botanical survey of southwest Ohio found that invasive species introduced to the United States over the past century are crowding out many native ...

Mangrove and Reef Restoration Yield Positive Returns on Investment for Flood Protection, Study Shows

Restoration of mangroves and coral reefs can be a cost-effective solution for coastal flood reduction in more than 20 countries across the Caribbean. Researchers used methods from the risk and ...

Clues to Bee Health Found in Their Gut Microbiome

The local environment plays a pivotal role in the health and diversity of the gut microbiome of wild bees which could help detect invisible stressors and early indicators of potential threats, say ...

Forest to Pasture: Keeping Trees Could Reduce Climate Consequences

Researchers studied a practice known as silvopasture which intentionally preserves trees in pastures where livestock graze. They found that compared to a completely cleared, tree-less, open pasture, ...

Are New Corals in Sydney Dangerous Invaders or Harmless Refugees?

A new study has found that invading subtropical corals will survive and thrive in coastal Sydney, which could spell trouble for existing Sydney coral ...

Sharks May Be Closer to the City Than You Think, New Study Finds

The world's coastlines are rapidly urbanizing, but how this increased human presence may impact species living in the ocean is not fully understood. Scientists tracked the movements of three ...

Scientists Fail to Locate Once-Common CA Bumble Bees

Several species of California bumble bees have gone missing in the first statewide census of the fuzzy pollinators in 40 ...

Co-Existing Mangrove-Coral Habitats Have a New Global Classification System

By coexisting more closely with mangroves, tropical coral species may have found an alternative habitat where they can thrive in the face of climate ...

Seagrass Meadows Are Reliable Fishing Grounds for Food

A new study in Ocean and Coastal Management shows that seagrass fisheries provide a reliable safety-net for poor, since fishermen perceive those habitats to maintain large fish catches over time. ...

A Warming Climate Decreases Microbial Diversity

Researchers conducted an eight-year experiment that found that climate warming played a predominant role in shaping microbial biodiversity, with significant negative ...

Pioneering Study Shows Climate Played Crucial Role in Changing Location of Ancient Coral Reefs

Prehistoric coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth's equator than today, new research has ...

New Inherited Retroviruses Identified in the Koala Genome

Historic virus infections can be traced in vertebrate genomes. For millions of years, these genomes have been repositories for retroviruses that incorporated their code into germline cells and were ...

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