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June 26, 2022

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Researchers Use Classical Music to Make Protein Songs More Pleasant to Listen to

In recent years, scientists have created music based on the structure of proteins as a creative way to better popularize science to the general public, but the resulting songs haven't always ...

Making Musical Performances Safer in the Era of COVID-19

Researchers have studied aerosol production from playing wind instruments, singing and acting, allowing them to develop recommendations to minimize COVID ...

Playing Wind Instruments Generates Less Aerosol Than Vocalization, COVID-19 Study Finds

Aerosol generated by playing woodwind and brass instruments is less than that produced when vocalising (speaking and singing) and is no different than a person breathing, new research has found. The ...

The Songwriter Is Creative -- The Singer, Not So Much

Country music songwriters must perform a careful dance when they work with famous singers who may be less talented at writing songs but bring the needed star power to attract fans -- and, ...