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June 26, 2022

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Producers and Consumers Must Share Burden of Global Plastic Packaging Waste

Plastic packaging waste is everywhere. Our plastic bottles, food wrappings, and grocery bags litter the landscape and pollute the global environment. A new study explores the global patterns of ...

Food Labeling Is Lacking in Online Grocery Retailers

Online food retailers do not consistently display nutrition information on their websites -- and U.S. laws are lagging behind in mandating the same labeling required for foods sold in ...

Business Use of Avatars

An associate professor of marketing says digital avatars can replace a sales force and customer service employees at a fraction of the ...

Dealing With Global Carbon Debt

As atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide continue to rise, we are putting future generations at risk of having to deal with a massive carbon debt. Researchers are calling for immediate action ...
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Tight Budgeters Beware: Skip the Coffee Before Shopping

The study found that shoppers who drank a cup of complimentary caffeinated coffee prior to roaming the stores spent about 50 percent more money and bought nearly 30 percent more items than shoppers ...

Why Science Doesn't Help Sell Chocolate Chip Cookies

People don't want science anywhere near their delicious chocolate chip cookies. But they're happy to have science create body wash that fights odor-causing ...

Student Debt Can Impair Your Cardiovascular Health Into Middle Age, Study Finds

Individuals with student loan debt into early middle age have a higher risk of cardiovascular illness, undermining the usual health benefits of a post-secondary education, researchers ...

Study Finds Top Reviews, Not Average Ratings, Sway Consumer Decision-Making

Collective wisdom dictates that online shoppers gravitate toward the highest-rated products. But new research debunks this and shows top reviews carry more sway in a customer's final buying ...

Can Supermarkets Coax People Into Buying Healthier Food?

Restricting supermarket placement of less healthy items and increasing the availability of healthier alternatives in these stores may be promising interventions to encourage healthier purchasing ...

Environmentally Conscious Consumers More Likely to Buy Chicken Raised on Insects or Algae

Eating chicken raised on a diet of bugs or algae may sound downright unappetizing to some, but there are ways to make the idea more palatable to at least one type of food shopper. Consumers who are ...

When Money Is Tight, 'Purchase Happiness' Is Low

Whether they're getting a new shirt, a new computer, or taking a trip, people derive less 'purchase happiness' from buying things when they feel financial stress, new research ...

Like Peanut Butter? This Algorithm Has a Hunch as to What You'll Buy Next

New research brings a methodology called tensor decomposition -- used by scientists to find patterns in massive volumes of data -- into the world of online shopping to recommend complementary ...

Picture Warnings on Sodas? A Promising Tool to Fight Childhood Obesity

The first study in a laboratory 'mini mart' shows picture warnings reduced parental purchases of sugary drinks like juice and soda. Researchers say the warning labels could be new tool in ...

Research Reveals New Evidence That Sugary Beverage Tax Impacts Are Sustainable, Effective

Two new studies based in Seattle provide evidence that public policies to reduce consumption of added sugars through taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages are effective and ...

Researchers Caution Global Economic Growth Could Slide Into Stagnation

The heady days of rapidly rising prosperity may be coming to an end, according to an interdisciplinary group of scientists. Developed democracies in particular look to be first in line for a long-run ...

Why Sugary Drink Taxes Aren’t Effective -- And How to Change That

Several U.S. cities have instituted taxes on drinks with added sugar in order to reduce consumption, but new research suggests these policies currently have one fatal flaw. The study found that ...

Color-Coded Nutrition Labels and Warnings Linked to More Healthful Purchases

A new analysis has integrated findings from 134 studies of the impact of color-coded nutrition labels and warnings found on the front of some food packaging, indicating that these labels do indeed ...

Online Product Displays Can Shape Your Buying Behavior

One of the biggest marketing trends in the online shopping industry is personalization through curated product recommendations; however, it can change whether people buy a product they had been ...

Gen Z Willing to Rent Clothes to Reduce Waste

Gen Z adults are interested in using apparel rental services to reduce overconsumption, according to a new study. Apparel rental, also known as collaborative apparel consumption, extends the life of ...

What to Call Seafood Made from Fish Cells

Food companies, regulators, marketers, journalists and others should use the terms 'cell-based' or 'cell-cultured' when labeling and talking about seafood products made from the ...

The Science of Picky Shoppers

A new series of studies has found that shopper pickiness can go beyond shopping for the 'best' option. The researchers define what it means to be 'picky' and also developed a ...

Finding the Optimal Way to Repay Student Debt

Though legislative reform is necessary to combat the growing burden of student loan debt in the U.S. on a grand scale, individual borrowers can take steps to repay their loans with as low long-term ...

Union-Friendly States Enjoy Higher Economic Growth, Individual Earnings

New research shows that state laws designed to hinder union activity and indulge corporate entities do not enhance economic ...

Shopping Online? Here's What You Should Know About User Reviews

If you're about to buy something online and its only customer review is negative, you'd probably reconsider the purchase, right? It turns out a product's first review can have an ...

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