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June 26, 2022

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Children Who Attend Schools With More Traffic Noise Show Slower Cognitive Development

A new study suggests that traffic noise at schools has a detrimental effect on the development of working memory and attention in primary-school ...

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

Over recent decades, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones in the U.S. were associated with up to 33.4 percent higher death rates from several major ...

California's Push for Computer Science Education Examined

Despite California's computer science education policies, gender, racial and ethnic disparities persist among the high schools that offer these courses, the students enrolled in them and the faculty ...

School Closures Led to More Sleep and Better Quality of Life for Adolescents

The school closures in spring 2020 had a negative effect on the health and well-being of many young people. But homeschooling also had a positive ...
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75% of Teens Aren't Getting Recommended Daily Exercise

Three out of every four teens aren't getting enough exercise, and this lack is even more pronounced among female students. But new research suggests improving a school's climate can ...

Children in Remote School Faced More Sleep, Behavior and Social Challenges

Elementary school-aged children enrolled in remote learning experienced greater behavioral, learning-related, and sleep difficulties compared with children receiving in-person instruction, according ...

Preventing Adverse Birth Outcomes Could Boost Education, Income

Reducing the excess prevalence of low birthweight, preterm birth or small-for-gestational-age birth in low- and middle-income countries may lead to substantial long-term human capital gains when it ...

Tiny Conservation Heroes: Wild Cherry Blossoms Could Save Forest Landscapes

Researchers have found that symbolic species could be used for the conservation and community-based management of traditional forest landscapes. The team studied how different social groups within a ...

End of Strict COVID Measures in China Could Result in 1.5 Million Deaths, Study Finds

Researchers recently predicted that the end of Zero-COVID policies in China could result in the death of 1.5 million ...

COVID Vaccine Trial Locations Influenced in Vaccine Efficacy Results

A new study shows that COVID vaccine trials conducted in geographic locations with low infection rates had higher efficacy results, compared to trials in locations with high infection ...

Girls' Chance of Success at School in Sub-Saharan Africa Shaped by Language They Are Taught in

A new report argues that efforts to increase girls' participation in education in different parts of Africa should assess the detrimental effect teaching in English is having on ...

Major Uptick Reported in Cannabis Vaping for All Adolescents

Cannabis vaping is increasing as the most popular method of cannabis delivery among all adolescents in the U.S., as is the frequency of cannabis vaping, according to ...

Four-Year College Students Drink More, Use Marijuana Less Than Community College Peers, Study Finds

Students at four-year colleges and universities drink nearly twice as much alcohol as their peers in two-year colleges, according to a survey of college students in the Seattle area. On the other ...

New Model Could Improve Matches Between Students and Schools

Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, ...

The Numbers Don't Lie: Australia Is Failing at Maths and We Need to Find a New Formula to Arrest the Decline

Australia has suffered a significant drop in teenage maths proficiency in the past 20 years -- sliding from 11th in the OECD rankings to 29th place out of 38 countries, prompting widespread debate ...

One-Sport High School Athletes Prone to Injury, Burnout, Research Shows

High school students who focus on one sport are more likely to get injured or suffer from burnout. But new research suggests their motivation for specializing in one sport is pure: love of the game ...

Student Satisfaction in Flipped Classroom Is Built on Guidance, Pedagogy, and a Safe Atmosphere

Students are satisfied with flipped classroom when they have systematic guidance on the teaching approach in use, comprehensive understanding of both the content being taught and the discipline more ...

Student Debt Can Impair Your Cardiovascular Health Into Middle Age, Study Finds

Individuals with student loan debt into early middle age have a higher risk of cardiovascular illness, undermining the usual health benefits of a post-secondary education, researchers ...

Want More Students to Learn Languages? Win Over the Parents, Research Suggests

New research shows that children's willingness to study subjects like French, German or Spanish is shaped far more by the attitudes of their parents, than by their teachers or friends. The ...

Affirmative Action Bans Had 'Devastating Impact' on Diversity in Medical Schools, Study Finds

In states with bans on affirmative action programs, the proportion of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups in U.S. public medical schools fell by more than one-third by ...

Use of School Mental Health Services Rose Just Before the Pandemic, Study Finds

Researchers have found that use of school of mental health services went up among key adolescent groups in the year before COVID-19 struck compared to previous years in the U.S. The study offers ...

Living in Areas With More Greenery May Boost Cognitive Function, Study Finds

New evidence links residential exposure to greenspace, such as green vegetation, as a potential population-level approach to improve processing speed and attention, and overall cognitive ...

Study Reviews COVID-Related Hospital Visitation Limits and Family Stress

Efforts by hospitals to protect people from COVID-19 by restricting them from visiting family members in ICUs may have contributed to a significant increase in stress-related disorders, according to ...

Differences in Children's Behavior Predict Midlife Health Behaviors, Study Finds

A recent study in Finland investigated the paths from childhood socioemotional behavior to midlife health behavior decades later. Socioemotional behaviour at age 8 predicted health behaviour both ...

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