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June 28, 2022

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A 50% Reduction in Emissions by 2030 Can Be Achieved. Here's How

To prevent the worst outcomes from climate change, the U.S. will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. Scientists from around the nation have developed a blueprint ...

Curbing Other Climate Pollutants, Not Just CO2, Gives Earth a Chance

Slashing emissions of carbon dioxide by itself isn't enough to prevent catastrophic global warming, a new study shows. But if we simultaneously also reduce emissions of methane and other often ...

Breakthrough in Estimating Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in detecting changes in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions more quickly and ...

Cutting HFCs to Cool the Earth

To have a better chance of holding global warming to 1.5°C, we need to accelerate the phase-down of HFC refrigerants under the Montreal Protocol. This could also reduce pollution and improve energy ...
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Default Options Facilitate Faster Carbon Offsetting in Air Travel

Economists find that many air travelers more readily choose faster, but more expensive carbon offsetting options online if selecting a slower option requires action. However, the readiness to do so ...

How a Cognitive Bias Is Blocking the Rise of Electric Cars

What are the barriers to the adoption of electric cars? Although the main financial and technological obstacles have been removed, their market share still needs to increase. In a recent study, a ...

Identifying Global Poverty from Space

A new study proposes a novel method to estimate global economic wellbeing using nighttime satellite ...

New Research Sheds Fresh Light on the 'Presenteeism'

Employees who are unwell only engage in 'presenteeism' -- continuing to work when experiencing ill-health -- when they have not met their daily work goals, according to new ...

Loud and Clear: High-Energy Ads Keep Viewers Tuned In, Study Shows

More energetic commercials are likely to be tuned in more or avoided less by viewers, according a new ...

Reducing Negative Impacts of Amazon Hydropower Expansion on People and Nature

Rapid hydroelectric dam expansion in the Amazon poses a serious threat to Earth's largest and most biodiverse river basin. There are 158 dams in the Amazon River basin, with another 351 ...

Looking Back from the Future: How Does Germany Become Carbon Neutral?

Researchers have developed a vision for Germany in 2050 that illustrates ways to achieve a carbon dioxide-neutral life and economy. In their study they look back from a fictitious future to the ...

Nuclear Power May Be the Key to Least-Cost, Zero-Emission Electricity Systems

Nuclear power generation can play a crucial role in helping the world reach a key goal of zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century, especially in countries with low wind resources, ...

Paris Climate Agreement Goal Still Within Reach, Suggests New Study

A new study suggests some cautiously optimistic good news: The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement goal is still within reach, while apocalyptic, worst-case scenarios are no longer ...

Poorest People Bear Growing Burden of Heat Waves as Temperatures Rise

Lower income populations currently face a 40% higher exposure to heat waves than people with higher incomes, according to a new study. By the end of the century, the poorest 25% of the world's ...

Texas Power Crisis Revealed Flaw in Market’s Design

One year after winter storms crippled Texas' electricity grid, contributing to more than 200 deaths, an analysis recommends contracting improvements to reduce decentralized energy markets' ...

US Household Air Conditioning Use Could Exceed Electric Capacity in Next Decade Due to Climate Change

An 8% increase in summer air conditioning demand can be expected in the U.S. when the global average temperature exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. This climate driven increase ...

How a Smart Electric Grid Will Power Our Future

A novel plan that offers partnership in keeping the United States electric grid stable and reliable could be a win-win for consumers and utility ...

Aerobic Fitness of Elite Soccer Players Linked to Player Positions

Researchers have linked the fitness of elite soccer players to the positions they play. The ability to make this assessment can help coaches regulate individual training loads based on player ...

Biomass Burning Increases Low Clouds Over Southeastern Asia

Clouds have significant impact on the energy balance of the Earth system. Low clouds such as Stratocumulus, Cumulus and Stratus cover about 30 percent of the Earth surface and have a net cooling ...

Study Finds Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

A recent study found that the total indirect emissions from the supply of chain of electric vehicles pale in comparison to the same indirect emissions from fossil fuel-powered ...

Voluntary Pledges Could Cut Utility GHG Emissions by a Third

An analysis of pledges made by many of the largest U.S. electric utilities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions suggests that pledged reductions could reduce power sector emissions by a third as ...

Rapid Rise of Decarbonization Potentials of Rooftop PV Plus EVs in Residential Houses

Cities are responsible for 60-70% of energy-related CO2 emissions. As the world is increasingly urbanized, it is crucial to identify cost-effective pathways to decarbonize. Here, we propose a ...

Accelerated Renewables-Based Electrification Paves the Way for a Post-Fossil Future

Cost-slashing innovations are underway in the electric power sector and could give electricity the lead over fossil-based combustion fuels in the world's energy supply by mid-century. When ...

Potential of Demand Response in Reducing CO2 Emissions

Demand response (DR) programs incentivize electric grid users to consume less power during peak hours, relieving grid load and reducing CO2 emissions. However, its potential as a practical approach ...

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