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June 26, 2022

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Scientists Show That at Least 44 Percent of Earth's Land Requires Conservation to Safeguard Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

New research reveals that 44 percent of Earth's land area -- some 64 million square kilometers (24.7 million square miles) requires conservation to ...

When AI Is the Inventor Who Gets the Patent?

The day is coming -- some say has already arrived -- when new inventions that benefit society are dreamt up by artificial intelligence all on its ...

Gabon Provides Blueprint for Protecting Oceans

Gabon's network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) provides a blueprint that could be used in many other countries, experts say. Since announcing a new MPA network in 2014, Gabon has created 20 ...

Food Labeling Is Lacking in Online Grocery Retailers

Online food retailers do not consistently display nutrition information on their websites -- and U.S. laws are lagging behind in mandating the same labeling required for foods sold in ...
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Are People Swapping Their Cats and Goldfish for Praying Mantises?

Praying mantises have gained recent popularity as pets, sold at animal fairs and pet markets, but also collected in the wild by a fast-growing community of hobbyists and professional marketers. An ...

Life History: Scholars Call for Greater Collaboration Between Zoos, Museums

The animal collections housed at zoos and natural history museums -- living specimens in the first case, preserved in the other -- constitute an exhaustive trove of information about Earth's ...

Private Protected Areas Help Conserve Overlooked and Threatened Regions

New research shows that private protected areas help conserve underrepresented biomes and highly threatened regions. Researchers have assessed 17,561 privately protected areas in 15 countries across ...

Forensic Scientists Improve Touch DNA Collection Methods

Skin cells and their DNA varies between individuals, but new data shows that some groups of people have higher variability in their cell deposits. The South Australian forensic science researchers ...

Objection: No One Can Understand What You’re Saying

A new study from cognitive scientists offers an answer to why legal documents such as contracts or deeds are often so ...

Impatient and Risk-Tolerant People More Often Become Criminals, Study Finds

A new study among young Danish men confirms the assumption that risk-tolerant, impatient and self-centered people are more likely to commit crimes than risk averse, patient and altruistic people ...

Illegal and Unsustainable Wildlife Trade Is Affecting All of Us – What Can We Do About It?

Illegal or unsustainable wildlife trade affects biodiversity, ecosystem services, people's livelihood, and economies all over the world. Worldwide experts warn about the perils related to this ...

Non-English-Language Science Could Help Save Biodiversity

It is commonly assumed that any important scientific knowledge would be available in English, and so scientific knowledge used in international studies is predominantly sourced from English-language ...

Conservation Commitments Should Focus on the Best Places to Protect Rare Species

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has pledged to protect 30% of land to support the recovery of nature, but a new study finds that much of the new land that has been allocated to meet this ...

Western Chimpanzees Are Threatened by Lack of Regulated Human Development

New research has found that the habitats of West African (western) chimpanzees are threatened due to inadequate legislative protection from human ...

Measuring Conservation in a Way That Counts

Conservation science and policy could be saving more biodiversity by shifting to measurements and decisions based on preventing the loss of ecosystems and species within protected ...

Sample Preparation in Forensic Toxicological Analysis May Have Huge Impacts

In a new article, researchers provide an overview of sample preparation techniques and information on routine sample types that may be encountered in forensic toxicology ...

Evidence Against Physically Punishing Kids Is Clear, Researchers Say

A conclusive narrative review has found physical punishment of children is not effective in preventing child behavior problems or promoting positive outcomes and instead predicts increases in ...

Antelope's Fate Shrouded by Social, Political Forces

The story of efforts to conserve the endangered oribi in South Africa represent a diaspora of issues as varied as the people who live ...

Open Source Tool Can Help Identify Gerrymandering in Voting Maps

Researchers describe the improved mathematical methodology of an open source tool called Gerrychain, which can help observers detect gerrymandering in a voting district plan by creating an ensemble ...

Deregulated US Government Oversight on Interstate Waters Leaves Murky Implications for States

Concern tends to ratchet up a notch when pollution enters the river runoff discussion on a national scale, specifically when smaller, navigable intrastate bodies of water push pollution into larger ...

Who Is Selling and Trafficking Africa's Wild Meat?

A new study classifies different types of wildlife traffickers and sellers in two of Central Africa's growing urban centers, providing new insight into the poorly understood urban illegal ...

New Study Finds False Memories Can Be Reversed

Rich false memories of autobiographical events can be planted - and then reversed, a new article has ...

Using Human Rights Laws May Be Most Effective Way of Harnessing International Legislation to Protect the Amazon

Using laws governing human rights may be the best way of harnessing international legislation and tribunals to protect the Amazon, a new study ...

Sewage Study Shows Which Countries Like to Party Hard

The Netherlands, United States, Australia and New Zealand are consuming the highest amounts of designer 'party' drugs, according to wastewater samples taken from eight countries over the ...

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