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June 26, 2022

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Gabon Provides Blueprint for Protecting Oceans

Gabon's network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) provides a blueprint that could be used in many other countries, experts say. Since announcing a new MPA network in 2014, Gabon has created 20 ...

Measuring Conservation in a Way That Counts

Conservation science and policy could be saving more biodiversity by shifting to measurements and decisions based on preventing the loss of ecosystems and species within protected ...

If Countries Implement Paris Pledges With Cuts to Aerosols, Millions of Lives Can Be Saved

Aerosol reductions that would take place as countries meet climate goals could contribute to global cooling and prevent more than one million annual ...

Politically Polarized Brains Share an Intolerance of Uncertainty

A new study on political polarization showed how an aversion to uncertainty is often associated with black-and-white political ...
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Brain Scans Remarkably Good at Predicting Political Ideology

Brain scans of people taken while they performed various tasks -- and even did nothing -- accurately predicted whether they were politically conservative or liberal, according to the largest study of ...

New Studies Shed Light on Election-Related Stress

A new study finds anticipating stress related to political elections can affect people's emotional well-being before anything has even happened. But a related study shows that education can help ...

Industry Lobbying on WHO Overshadowing Public Health Policy, Researchers Suggest

A new article looks at how producers of such products as commercial milk formulas, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and electronic gaming software have been ramping up efforts to ...

Show Them the Money: Pay the Vaccine-Hesitant to Get Their COVID-19 Shots

A study initiated before the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines has found that a $1000 incentive for the vaccine-hesitant could boost vaccine rates up to 87 percent. The study also speaks to how monetary ...

Faces of Dominance: Why the Faces of Women and Men Are Perceived Differently by Liberals and Conservatives

A new study finds that liberals and conservatives differ in how they perceive dominance in women, which may influence their likelihood to vote them into political ...

Harassment of Public Health Officials Widespread During the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

Among local and state public health officials who resigned or were fired during the first 11 months of the pandemic, more than one-third reported incidents of harassment, a new study ...

What's the Prevailing Opinion on Social Media? Look at the Flocks, Says Researcher

A communication researcher has developed a framework for measuring the slippery concept of social media public opinion. Murmuration identifies meaningful groups of social media actors based on the ...

How Politics, Society, and Tech Shape the Path of Climate Change

Public perceptions of climate change, the future cost and effectiveness of climate mitigation and technologies, and how political institutions respond to public pressure are all important ...

Researchers Caution Global Economic Growth Could Slide Into Stagnation

The heady days of rapidly rising prosperity may be coming to an end, according to an interdisciplinary group of scientists. Developed democracies in particular look to be first in line for a long-run ...

Physics Meets Democracy in This Modeling Study

A study leverages concepts from physics to model how campaign strategies influence the opinions of an electorate in a two-party ...

Researchers Look to Human 'Social Sensors' to Better Predict Elections and Other Trends

Researchers can gather highly accurate information about social trends and groups by asking about a person's social circle rather than interrogating their own individual ...

People Across the World Favor Paid Parental Leave, Study Finds

Although the United States is the only wealthy nation that doesn't guarantee paid leave to mothers or fathers after the arrival of a new child, Americans endorse providing paid time off for ...

Mass Gatherings During Malaysian Election Directly and Indirectly Boosted COVID-19 Spread, Study Suggests

New estimates suggest that mass gatherings during an election in the Malaysian state of Sabah directly caused 70 percent of COVID-19 cases detected in Sabah after the election, and indirectly caused ...

Stress from 2016 US Presidential Election Associated With Increase in Cardiac Events

A new study shows that exposure to a stressful political election is strongly associated with an increase in potentially life-threatening cardiac ...

Open Source Tool Can Help Identify Gerrymandering in Voting Maps

Researchers describe the improved mathematical methodology of an open source tool called Gerrychain, which can help observers detect gerrymandering in a voting district plan by creating an ensemble ...

COVID-19 Mobility Restrictions Effective for Short Duration, Study Finds

Attempts at restricting people's mobility to control the spread of COVID-19 may be effective only for a short period, researchers said. A new study examines people's mobility for seven ...

AI Algorithms Can Influence People's Voting and Dating Decisions in Experiments

Researchers have found that artificial intelligence algorithms can influence people's preferences for fictitious political candidates or potential romantic partners, depending on whether ...

Union-Friendly States Enjoy Higher Economic Growth, Individual Earnings

New research shows that state laws designed to hinder union activity and indulge corporate entities do not enhance economic ...

Why Commercialization of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Has Failed and How It Can Work

There are 12 essential attributes that explain why commercial carbon capture and sequestration projects succeed or fail in the U.S., researchers ...

Politicized Pandemic Shaped Compliance With Social Distancing

Politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic had a powerful influence over adherence to social distancing guidelines in the United States and why people did, or did not, comply during the lockdown days, a ...

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