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June 26, 2022

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Trade-Off Between Biodiversity and Food Security in Land Use

Strict reservation of large land areas for animals and plants might save humankind from the collapse of species diversity in the next decades. However, in some countries, particularly in the global ...

How Picking Up Your Smartphone Could Reveal Your Identity

The time a person spends on different smartphone apps is enough to identify them from a larger group in more than one in three cases say researchers, who warn of the implications for security and ...

Scientists Urge Creating Strategic Forest Reserves to Mitigate Climate Change, Protect Biodiversity

The United States should immediately move to create a collection of strategic forest reserves in the Western U.S. to fight climate change and ...

Real-World Study Shows the Potential of Gait Authentication to Enhance Smartphone Security

A study showed that -- within an appropriate framework -- gait recognition could be a viable technique for protecting individuals and their data from ...
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Can Robotics Help Us Achieve Sustainable Development?

Scientists have assessed how robotics and autonomous systems might facilitate or impede the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their findings identify key opportunities and key ...

Technique Protects Privacy When Making Online Recommendations

Researchers have developed a novel privacy-preserving protocol that could enable an algorithm that provides recommendations to guarantee a user's personal information remains secure while ...

Existing Infrastructure Will Be Unable to Support Future Demand for High-Speed Internet

Researchers have shown that the UK's existing copper network cables can support faster internet speeds, but only to a limit. They say additional investment is urgently needed if the government ...

Ethical Communication in the Age of Information

To comprehensively understand the ethical issues involved when communicating with research participants through the Internet, researchers developed an ethical framework and practical guidelines to ...

NIH's All of Us Research Program Releases First Genomic Dataset of Nearly 100,000 Whole Genome Sequences

Nearly 100,000 highly diverse whole genome sequences are now available through the National Institutes of Health's All of Us Research Program. About 50 percent of the data is from individuals ...

NFTs Offer New Method to Control Personal Health Information

A team of scholars in ethics, law and informatics wrote one of the first commentaries on how NFTs could be repurposed for the healthcare ...

Researchers Develop Highly Accurate Modeling Tool to Predict COVID-19 Risk

Researchers have combined location density with real-world mobility data to predict the risk of infection from COVID-19 at specific locations with unprecedented ...

Measuring Trust in AI

Prompted by the increasing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in society, researchers investigated public attitudes toward the ethics of AI. Their findings quantify how different demographics ...

COVID-19 Mobile Robot Could Detect and Tackle Social Distancing Breaches

A new strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 employs a mobile robot that detects people in crowds who are not observing social-distancing rules, navigates to them, and encourages them to move ...

The Ethics of Digital Technology in the Food Sector – the Future of Data Sharing

Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket ready meals updates you in real-time to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls, and instant safety alerts ...

Call for Healthcare Leaders to Ensure Women and Girls Have Access to Safe and Affordable Menstrual Products and Health

A new commentary reinforces the need to engage the public in understanding the importance of menstrual health. This includes sufficient funding and more research to educate young people, their ...

How AIs Ask for Personal Information Is Important for Gaining User Trust

Researchers report that users responded differently when AIs either offered to help the user, or asked for help from the user. This response influenced whether the user trusted the AI with their ...

Computer Scientists Discover New Vulnerability Affecting Computers Globally

A team o computer science researchers has uncovered a line of attack that breaks all Spectre defenses, meaning that billions of computers and other devices across the globe are just as vulnerable ...

Unconventional Takes on Pandemics and Nuclear Defense Could Protect Humanity from Catastrophic Failure

From engineered pandemics to city-toppling cyber attacks to nuclear annihilation, life on Earth could radically change, and ...

Time to Shift from 'Food Security' to 'Nutrition Security' to Increase Health and Well-Being

A new article argues that today's health and equity challenges call for the US to shift from 'food insecurity' to 'nutrition insecurity' in order to catalyze appropriate ...

Privacy-Preserving 'Encounter Metrics' Could Slow Down Future Pandemics

As part of urgent efforts to fight COVID-19, a science is rapidly developing for measuring the number of encounters and the different levels of interaction in a group. Researchers are applying that ...

Researchers Discover That Privacy-Preserving Tools Leave Private Data Anything but

Researchers explored whether private data could still be recovered from images that had been 'sanitized'' by such deep-learning discriminators as privacy protecting GANs ...

Using Human Rights Laws May Be Most Effective Way of Harnessing International Legislation to Protect the Amazon

Using laws governing human rights may be the best way of harnessing international legislation and tribunals to protect the Amazon, a new study ...

Health Survey Conveys Messages on How We Should Live

The questions in a health survey aimed at young people raise issues of status and convey norms about what people should own and how they should be. Since the 1980s, the physical and mental health of ...

Anonymous Cell Phone Data Can Quantify Behavioral Changes for Flu-Like Illnesses

New method could potentially provide a useful tool to help monitor and control infectious diseases outbreaks, without comprising ...

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