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June 26, 2022

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California's Push for Computer Science Education Examined

Despite California's computer science education policies, gender, racial and ethnic disparities persist among the high schools that offer these courses, the students enrolled in them and the faculty ...

A New Model for Group Decision-Making Shows How 'Followers' Can Influence the Outcome

From small committees to national elections, group decision-making can be complicated -- and it may not always settle on the best choice. That's ...

Pandemic Drives Largest Decrease in U.S. Life Expectancy Since 1943

U.S. life expectancy decreased by 1.87 years between 2018 and 2020, according to new research. The numbers are worse for people of color. On average, whereas life expectancy among white Americans ...

Total Deaths Due to COVID-19 Underestimated by 20 Percent in U.S. Counties, Study Finds

More than 15 months into the pandemic, the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 is nearing 600,000. But COVID-19 deaths may be underestimated by 20 percent, ...
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Cardiac Rehab Attendance Lower Among Asian, Black and Hispanic Adults at All Income Levels, Study Finds

In a study of more than 107,000 people eligible for cardiac rehabilitation programs, Asian, Black and Hispanic adults were significantly less likely to attend cardiac rehabilitation programs compared ...

Women in Science Receive Less Credit for Their Contributions

Women in science are less likely than their male counterparts to receive authorship credit for the work they do, new research finds. Researchers for the first time used a large set of administrative ...

Children in Remote School Faced More Sleep, Behavior and Social Challenges

Elementary school-aged children enrolled in remote learning experienced greater behavioral, learning-related, and sleep difficulties compared with children receiving in-person instruction, according ...

Four-Year College Students Drink More, Use Marijuana Less Than Community College Peers, Study Finds

Students at four-year colleges and universities drink nearly twice as much alcohol as their peers in two-year colleges, according to a survey of college students in the Seattle area. On the other ...

Seeing Members of Minority Groups Everywhere? It's an Illusion

Within a social setting most people significantly overestimate the presence of a minority -- and this overestimation is made not only by the majority but also by the minority themselves, researchers ...

Affirmative Action Bans Had 'Devastating Impact' on Diversity in Medical Schools, Study Finds

In states with bans on affirmative action programs, the proportion of students from underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups in U.S. public medical schools fell by more than one-third by ...

Cancer Burden Facing Asian Americans Partly Caused by Racism, Experts Say

Racism facing Asian Americans is compounding existing cancer inequities. They are the first U.S. population group to experience cancer as the leading cause of death. A commentary outlines the factors ...

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Telemedicine Usage Persist During Pandemic

A new study finds racial and ethnic disparities in the use of telemedicine and access to care persist during the COVID-19 ...

Food Insecurity Doubled Likelihood of Foregoing or Delaying Medical Care During First Year of COVID-19 Pandemic in U.S.

Individuals with food insecurity were also two to three times more likely to have delayed or foregone specific types of care, including skipping a recommended treatment, test or follow-up visit, and ...

Pandemic May Have Intensified U.S. Workplace Prejudice Against East Asian and Hispanic Colleagues

A new, U.S.-based survey study suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic may have amplified prejudicial attitudes against East Asian and Hispanic colleagues in the ...

Adolescent Drug Overdose Deaths Rose Exponentially for the First Time in History During the COVID Pandemic

The rate of overdose deaths among U.S. teenagers nearly doubled in 2020, the first year of the COVID pandemic, and rose another 20% in the first half of 2021 compared with the 10 years before the ...

More Than Half of Clinical Trials Do Not Report Race/ethnicity Data

A new study examined two decades worth of data from over 20,000 clinical trials and looked for changes over time. The team found that less than half of trials reported race/ethnicity ...

Study Finds Persistent Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sleep Duration

Using data collected by the National Health Interview Survey from 2004 to 2018, researchers found that the proportion of people who reported sleeping fewer than seven hours per day increased ...

Social Determinants of Health Affect Care for People With Congenital Heart Disease

Improving overall health equity for people with congenital heart disease requires recognizing the impact of social determinants of health throughout their lifespan. Systemic societal inequities and ...

Teens More Likely to Disengage from School After Police Stops

Teens who are stopped by the police are more likely to report greater disengagement from school the next day, and racial and ethnic minority youth reported more invasive police encounters than white ...

Americans Love Football, but Differ on Whether Kids Should Play

Football may be America's most popular sport, but the nation is deeply divided about whether youth should play the tackle version of the ...

Black Patients With Cancer Fare Worse With COVID-19, Study Shows

Lack of access to health care, social determinants of health, preexisting comorbidities and reduced access to clinical research are common to both cancer and COVID-19 in Black individuals. Together ...

Racial Minorities Are Less Likely to Receive CPR When They Need It

Black and Hispanic individuals who experience a witnessed cardiac arrest at home or in public are substantially less likely than white individuals to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from ...

Empathy Softens Teachers' Biases, Reduces Racial Gap in Student Suspensions

Interventions that seek to evoke empathy in teachers can sideline biases and narrow the racial gap in suspensions of middle school students, according to the results of a large-scale study to combat ...

Communities With Higher Levels of Racial Prejudice Have Worse Health Outcomes

People who live in communities with higher levels of racial prejudice have worse health outcomes, including more heart disease and mental health problems and higher overall mortality rates, according ...

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