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June 26, 2022

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Real-World Study Shows the Potential of Gait Authentication to Enhance Smartphone Security

A study showed that -- within an appropriate framework -- gait recognition could be a viable technique for protecting individuals and their data from ...

Securing Data Transfers With Relativity

To counter hacking, researchers have developed a new system based on the concept of 'zero-knowledge proofs', the security of which is based on the physical principle of relativity: information cannot ...

Government Action Needed to Ensure Insurance Against Major Hacking of Driverless Vehicles, Experts Warn

Government action is needed so driverless vehicles can be insured against malicious hacks which could have potentially catastrophic consequences, a ...

Smoke from Nuclear War Would Devastate Ozone Layer, Alter Climate

The massive columns of smoke generated by a nuclear war would alter the world's climate for years and devastate the ozone layer, endangering both human health and food supplies, new research shows. ...
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Obesity Threatens U.S. Military Readiness, Experts Say

A new article outlines the research and practices needed to combat the US obesity epidemic and its impact on military ...

Time to Shift from 'Food Security' to 'Nutrition Security' to Increase Health and Well-Being

A new article argues that today's health and equity challenges call for the US to shift from 'food insecurity' to 'nutrition insecurity' in order to catalyze appropriate ...

Consumers Don't Fully Trust Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technologies are marketed to enhance your home and make life easier. However, consumers are not convinced that they can trust the privacy and security of these technologies, a new study ...

US Military Improved Mortality Since World War II, but There Have Been Alarming Exceptions

Although wound survivability has increased over the last 80 years, the U.S. military's medical corps suffered some periods of backsliding during conflicts, recent analysis ...

Scientists Offer Roadmap for Studying Link Between Climate and Armed Conflict

Climate change -- from rising temperatures and more severe heavy rain, to drought -- is increasing risks for economies, human security, and conflict globally. Scientists are leading an effort to ...

Radioactive Cloud Over Europe Had Civilian Background

A mysterious cloud containing radioactive ruthenium-106, which moved across Europe in 2017, is still bothering Europe's radiation protection entities. German researchers now found out that the ...

High Tech Printing Makes Checking Banknotes Possible in the Blink of an Eye

New '3D micro-optic' security features in banknotes enable the general public to detect counterfeits reliably within a fraction of a second, according to new ...

Researchers Use Drones, Machine Learning to Detect Dangerous 'Butterfly' Landmines

Using advanced machine learning, drones could be used to detect dangerous 'butterfly' landmines in remote regions of post-conflict countries, according to ...

Catching Nuclear Smugglers: Fast Algorithm Could Enable Cost-Effective Detectors at Borders

A new algorithm could enable faster, less expensive detection of weapons-grade nuclear materials at borders, quickly differentiating between benign and illicit radiation signatures in the same ...

Cybersecurity, Tech Infrastructure Requires International Trust

Researchers use the field of incident response to shed light on how experts -- and nations -- can more effectively combat cyber-warfare when they foster trust and transcend ...

AI Estimates Unexploded Bombs from Vietnam War

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to detect Vietnam War-era bomb craters in Cambodia from satellite images - with the hope that it can help find unexploded bombs. The new method increased ...

Drones Could Still Be a Threat to Public Safety -- New Research Improves Drone Detection

Researchers have gathered extensive radar measurement data, aiming to improve the detection and identification of ...

Even a Limited India-Pakistan Nuclear War Would Bring Global Famine, Says Study

A new multinational study incorporating the latest models of global climate, crop production and trade examines the possible effects of a nuclear exchange between two longtime enemies: India and ...

Smaller Detection Device Effective for Nuclear Treaty Verification, Archaeology Digs

Most nuclear data measurements are performed at accelerators large enough to occupy a geologic formation a kilometer wide. But a portable device that can reveal the composition of materials quickly ...

Newspaper 'Hierarchy' of Injury Glamorizes War

British newspapers are routinely glamorizing combat by creating a moral separation between combat and non-combat injuries, according to new ...

Current Model for Storing Nuclear Waste Is Incomplete

The materials the United States and other countries plan to use to store high level nuclear waste will likely degrade faster than anyone previously knew, because of the way those materials interact, ...

Americans Perceive Likelihood of Nuclear Weapons Risk as 50/50 Toss-Up

It has been 30 years since the end of the Cold War, yet on average, Americans still perceive that the odds of a nuclear weapon detonating on U.S. soil is as likely as a coin toss, according to new ...

New Neutron Detector Can Fit in Your Pocket

Researchers have developed a new material that opens doors for a new class of neutron detectors. The semiconductor-based detector is highly efficient, stable, and can be used both in small, portable ...

How Vulnerable Is Your Car to Cyberattacks?

New research applies criminal justice theory to smart vehicles, revealing cracks in the current system leading to potential cyber ...

Space-Based Radar Suggests North Korean Nuke Equivalent to '17 Hiroshimas'

A team of scientists have used satellite data to augment measurements of North Korean nuclear tests on the ground. The researchers find that the most recent test shifted the ground by a few meters, ...

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