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June 28, 2022

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Sports: Men and Women React Differently to a Missing Audience

Without an audience, men run slower and women faster: The lack of spectators during the coronavirus pandemic appears to have had a noticeable effect on the performance of athletes at the 2020 ...

Football-Loving States Slow to Enact Youth Concussion Laws

States with college teams in strong conferences, in particular the Southeastern Conference (SEC), were among the last to take up regulations on youth concussions, according to a recent study. The ...

Some Asthma Drug Can Boost Sprint and Strength Performance in Athletes

A type of asthma drug, known as ß2-agonists, can boost sprint and strength performance in athletes who don't have the respiratory condition, finds a review and pooled data analysis of the available ...

Marine Training May Take More Mental Than Physical Grit

A new study identifies psychological measures that may predict who is more likely to complete - or quit - a demanding marine training ...
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Team Sports Linked to Fewer Mental Health Difficulties for Kids

A large-scale study of U.S. children and adolescents has found that participation in a team sport is associated with fewer mental health difficulties, but that kids who are exclusively involved in an ...

One-Sport High School Athletes Prone to Injury, Burnout, Research Shows

High school students who focus on one sport are more likely to get injured or suffer from burnout. But new research suggests their motivation for specializing in one sport is pure: love of the game ...

Hype Up Fitness to Support Kids' Health Post-Lockdowns, Experts Urge

As COVID-19 reaches record levels in the UK, health experts are calling for a focus on children's physical fitness as new research reveals concerning changes to children's health and ...

Machine Learning Model Could Better Measure Baseball Players' Performance

Researchers have developed a machine learning model that could better measure baseball players' and teams' short- and long-term performance, compared to existing statistical analysis ...

Americans Love Football, but Differ on Whether Kids Should Play

Football may be America's most popular sport, but the nation is deeply divided about whether youth should play the tackle version of the ...

Courting Success: Why the 'Head' Outsmarts the Body in Basketball

A new study reveals why coaches believe 'game intelligence,' work ethic and competitiveness are far more important than physical fitness in determining success on the basketball ...

Athletes Need Thorough Tests After Long COVID, Study Finds

Athletes returning to training following long COVID should undergo a series of tests and seek regular advice from a multi-disciplinary team of specialists to ensure they are fit to resume exercise, ...

Starting Motions of Competitive Swimmers as They Enter the Water

Scientists studied the biomechanics of swimmer 'kickstarts' using force sensors and motion-capture cameras. They found that force exerted by the hands on the starting platform is ...

Want to Play College Sports? A Wealthy Family Helps

It takes more than athletic talent to play varsity sports in college, at least for most young people, a new study suggests. Researchers found that U.S. high-school athletes were much more likely to ...

Football Without the Fans: Effect of Empty Stadiums During Pandemic

Playing professional football games in empty stadiums had a hugely negative effect on the success of home teams, with home advantage almost halved, according to new research. The study used the ...

What's Riskier for Young Soccer Players, Practice or Game Time?

For young soccer players, participating in repetitive technical training activities involving heading during practice may result in more total head impacts but playing in scrimmages or actual soccer ...

Fans Prefer Teams That Built Success Over Time More Than Teams That Bought Wins With Purchased Superstars, Research Finds

A new study shows people were willing to root more for the teams built over time than those assembled from free agency and deep-pocketed ...

Nearly Half of Young Drivers Are Resuming Driving Just Weeks After Sustaining a Concussion

Researchers found that nearly half of adolescents who sought specialty care for a concussion were back to driving when asked approximately two weeks after the injury, even though few had returned to ...

A New Playbook: COVID-19, Athletes' Hearts and Return to Play

Sports cardiologists offer guidance for athletes' return to play after they have recovered from COVID-19, in a new article that addresses the most common questions posed by the media, in clinics ...

Judges' Decisions in Sport Focus More on Vigor Than Skill

Researchers analyzed almost 550 men's and women's mixed martial arts contests, using data collated for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and found the rate at which competitors fight is ...

Concussions Are a Risk for Young Athletes in All Sports -- Not Just Football, Study Finds

A recent study suggests that high school athletes competing, not only in football, but other sports are at risk for concussion and may need longer recovery time than previously ...

NBA Playoff Format Is Optimizing Competitive Balance by Eliminating Travel

In addition to helping protect players from COVID-19, the NBA 'bubble' in Orlando may be a competitive equalizer by eliminating team travel. Researchers analyzing the results of nearly 500 ...

Health Disparities Among Former NFL Players

Among former NFL players, Black, Hawaiian, and athletes from other racial backgrounds report worse physical, mental health outcomes than white players. The widest health gaps emerged between Black ...

Cricket Umpires Fumble on T20 Calls

Cricket umpires struggle to please everyone at the best of time but the different formats of the game make it even harder for them, especially when it comes to LBW ...

Men and Younger Adults Less Active in Lockdown

New research indicates that men and younger adults have been less physically active during the COVID-19 ...

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