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June 26, 2022

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Scientists Show That at Least 44 Percent of Earth's Land Requires Conservation to Safeguard Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

New research reveals that 44 percent of Earth's land area -- some 64 million square kilometers (24.7 million square miles) requires conservation to ...

Relocating Farmland Could Turn Back Clock Twenty Years on Carbon Emissions, Say Scientists

Scientists have produced a map showing where the world's major food crops should be grown to maximize yield and minimize environmental impact. This ...

Climate Change: A Threat to Human Wellbeing and Health of the Planet

Human-induced climate change is causing dangerous and widespread disruption in nature and affecting the lives of billions of people around the world, despite efforts to reduce the risks. People and ...

Number of Wildfires to Rise by 50 Percent by 2100 and Governments Are Not Prepared, UN Experts Warn

Climate change and land-use change are projected to make wildfires more frequent and intense, with a global increase of extreme fires of up to 14 ...
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A New Data-Driven Model Could Provide a Powerful Policy Planning Tool to Combat the Nation's Opioid Crisis

A team of public health modelers and substance use experts has developed a dynamic model based on national data from 1999 to 2020 that tracks the evolution of the opioid crisis for public policy ...

Identifying Global Poverty from Space

A new study proposes a novel method to estimate global economic wellbeing using nighttime satellite ...

Clinicians Grapple With Decisions in Crisis-Care Simulation

A new analysis conveys the moral distress that triage team members experienced while participating in a simulated crisis-care event in which they had to decide which patients would and would not be ...

Climate Mitigation Measures Could Impact Food Security, Study Finds

Many countries have set carbon neutrality as a policy goal, but according to a new study, there are various risks associated with the reduction of greenhouse gases, especially in the agriculture, ...

Water Scarcity May Spur Improvements at Manufacturing Facilities

As climate change continues and the incidences of drought rise, water is increasingly becoming scarce for manufacturing. But a new study suggests that there is a silver lining -- companies that use ...

Scientists Urge Creating Strategic Forest Reserves to Mitigate Climate Change, Protect Biodiversity

The United States should immediately move to create a collection of strategic forest reserves in the Western U.S. to fight climate change and safeguard biodiversity, according to a scientific ...

Community of Ethical Hackers Needed to Prevent AI's Looming 'Crisis of Trust'

A global hacker 'red team' and rewards for hunting algorithmic biases are just some of the recommendations from experts who argue that AI faces a 'tech-lash' unless firm measures ...

Does Environmental Stress Drive Migration?

Climate-driven migration has been deemed a major threat in public discourse and academic research, but comprehensive studies that take into account both environmental and social factors globally have ...

Is It Worth Trying to Sway the Most Staunch Climate Deniers?

A researcher surveyed 645 Americans about their beliefs on climate change -- whether or not those beliefs are informed by fact or fiction -- to assess their communication behaviors about climate ...

Smoke from Nuclear War Would Devastate Ozone Layer, Alter Climate

The massive columns of smoke generated by a nuclear war would alter the world's climate for years and devastate the ozone layer, endangering both human health and food supplies, new research ...

Nearly 6 Million Children Are Driven Into Severe Hunger by the Hot, Dry Shifts of a Strong El Niño

Up to three times more children suffer severe hunger with each El Niño than from COVID-19. El Niño events provide a snapshot of the future under climate change and chronicle the lack of proactive ...

Air Pollution Caused 1.1 Million Deaths Across Africa in 2019

Air pollution was responsible for 1.1 million deaths across Africa in 2019, with household air pollution accounting for 700,000 fatalities, while increased outdoor air pollution claimed 400,000 ...

Climate Change Literacy Lessons from Africa

Addressing the climate crisis will require cooperation on a massive scale, but to accomplish this, people need to know what specific challenges lie ahead and how to best move forward. Across the ...

Systems Approach Helps Assess Public Health Impacts of Changing Climate, Environmental Policies

Scientists offer an alternative way to understand and minimize health impacts from human-caused changes to the climate and ...

To Solve Brazil's Energy and Food Crisis: Store More Water, Researchers Say

Storing greater amounts of water in Brazil's reservoirs could increase precipitation and river flow, alleviating the water and energy supply crisis in Brazil, a new study ...

Utilitarian Approach to Global Climate Policy Improves Equity, Environment and Wellbeing

An approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that is informed by the ethical theory of utilitarianism would lead to better outcomes for human development, equity, and the climate, according to a ...

Over 200 Health Journals Call on World Leaders to Address 'Catastrophic Harm to Health' from Climate Change

Over 200 health journals across the world have come together to simultaneously publish an editorial calling on world leaders to take emergency action to limit global temperature increases, halt the ...

How Much Energy Do We Need to Achieve a Decent Life for All?

For many, an increase in living standards would require an increase in energy provision. At the same time, meeting current climate goals under the Paris Agreement would benefit from lower energy use. ...

Location and Intensity of Global Threats to Biodiversity

Using a novel modelling approach, new research reveals the location and intensity of key threats to biodiversity on land and identifies priority areas across the world to help inform conservation ...

Pandemic and Digitalization Set Stage for Revival of a Cast-Off Idea: Personal Carbon Allowances

Researchers say the time may be right for many industrialized nations to resurrect an idea once thought to be unfeasible: personal carbon allowances (PCAs). The concept, they report, has stronger ...

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