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June 28, 2022

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Flicker from the Dark: Reading Between the Lines to Model Our Galaxy's Central Black Hole

Researchers have shown in a single model the full story of how gas travels in the center of the Milky Way -- from being blown off by stars to falling ...

Scientists Map Sulfur Residue on Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa

A team has used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe Jupiter's moon, Europa, at ultraviolet wavelengths, filling in a 'gap' in the various wavelengths used to observe this icy water world. The ...

Scientists Identify a Possible Source for Charon's Red Cap

Scientists combined data from NASA's New Horizons mission with novel laboratory experiments and exospheric modeling to reveal the likely composition of the red cap on Pluto's moon Charon and how it ...

How Elliptical Craters Could Shed Light on Age of Saturn's Moons

A new study describes how unique populations of craters on two of Saturn's moons could help indicate the satellites' age and the conditions of their formation. Using data from NASA's Cassini mission, ...
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Astronomers Discover a Multiplanet System Nearby

Astronomers discovered a multiplanet system just 33 light-years from Earth, making it one of the closest known multiplanet systems. The system likely hosts at least two terrestrial, Earth-sized ...

New Maps of Asteroid Psyche Reveal an Ancient World of Metal and Rock

Astronomers have mapped the surface properties of the asteroid Psyche, revealing a landscape of metal and ...

The Tarantula's Cosmic Web: Astronomers Map Violent Star Formation in Nebula Outside Our Galaxy

Astronomers have unveiled intricate details of the star-forming region 30 Doradus, also known as the Tarantula Nebula, using new observations from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array ...

To Find a Planet, Look for the Signatures of Planet Formation

Finding forming planets is a tough but important job for astronomers: Only three planets have ever been discovered caught in the process of forming, and the most recent of these was found just weeks ...

NASA Telescope to Help Untangle Galaxy Growth, Dark Matter Makeup

NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will study wispy streams of stars that extend far beyond the apparent edges of many galaxies. Missions like the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes ...

Young Galaxy’s Coming of Age: Early Galaxies May Be Surprisingly Big and Complex

Scientists have observed a significant amount of cold, neutral gas in the outer regions of the young galaxy A1689-zD1, as well as outflows of hot gas coming from the galaxy's center. These ...

A Weird Star Produced the Fastest Nova on Record

A research team has observed the fastest nova ever. They hope to find answers to not only the nova's many baffling traits, but to larger questions about our solar system and the ...

Near-Sun Comet Roasted to Death

Astronomers using a fleet of world leading telescopes on the ground and in space have captured images of a periodic rocky near-Sun comet breaking apart. This is the first time such a comet has been ...

Wandering Star Disrupts Stellar Nursery

New study finds star-forming cloud's magnetic field is curiously twisted. Researchers believe a newborn star moved into another young star's stellar envelope to form a binary star system. ...

Simulations Reveal Hydrodynamics of Planetary Engulfment by Expanding Star

A new study using hydrodynamical simulations reveals the forces acting on a planet when it is swallowed by an expanding star. The results show that the interactions of a substellar body (a planet or ...

Astronomers have discovered what may be a free-floating black hole by observing the brightening of a more distant star as its light was distorted by the object's strong gravitational field -- ...

Scientists Release First Analysis of Rocks Plucked from Speeding Asteroid

Scientists have now begun to announce the first results from the analysis of a handful of dirt that Hayabusa2 managed to scoop off the surface of a speeding asteroid. What they found suggests that ...

Ground-Breaking Number of Brown Dwarfs Discovered

Brown dwarfs, mysterious objects that straddle the line between stars and planets, are essential to our understanding of both stellar and planetary populations. However, only 40 brown dwarfs could be ...

What Happened Before, During and After Solar System Formation? A Recent Study of the Asteroid Ryugu Holds the Answers

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Hayabusa2 mission returned uncontaminated primitive asteroid samples to Earth. A comprehensive analysis of 16 particles from the asteroid Ryugu revealed ...

Rapid-Fire Fast Radio Burst Shows Hot Space Between Galaxies

A recently discovered, rare and persistent rapid-fire fast radio burst source -- sending out an occasional and informative cosmic ping from more than 3.5 billion light years away -- helps to reveal ...

Particle Accelerator Region Revealed Inside a Solar Flare

A new study offers direct evidence showing where near-light speed particle acceleration occurs inside the largest explosion known in the solar system, the solar ...

Yoyo Stars Responsible for Off-Center Bubbles

Astronomers have developed a new code to simulate the formation of a cluster of baby stars. Comparison with the well-known real case of the Orion Nebula shows that its off-center bubble of ionized ...

Detecting New Particles Around Black Holes With Gravitational Waves

Clouds of ultralight particles can form around rotating black holes. A team of physicists now show that these clouds would leave a characteristic imprint on the gravitational waves emitted by binary ...

Colossal Collisions Linked to Solar System Science

A new study shows a deep connection between some of the largest, most energetic events in the universe and much smaller, weaker ones powered by our own ...

Researchers Create 'Time Machine' Simulations Studying the Lifecycle of Ancestor Galaxy 'Cities'

Researchers have created time machine-like simulations recreate the full life cycle of some of the largest collections of galaxies observed in the distant universe 11 billion years ...

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