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June 26, 2022

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Young Galaxy’s Coming of Age: Early Galaxies May Be Surprisingly Big and Complex

Scientists have observed a significant amount of cold, neutral gas in the outer regions of the young galaxy A1689-zD1, as well as outflows of hot ...

A Weird Star Produced the Fastest Nova on Record

A research team has observed the fastest nova ever. They hope to find answers to not only the nova's many baffling traits, but to larger questions about our solar system and the ...

Previously Hidden Protoclusters Could Reveal New Details of Galaxy Evolution

The ancestors of some of the largest galaxy clusters have been hiding in plain sight. New work demonstrates a new technique for identifying the ...

Colossal Collisions Linked to Solar System Science

A new study shows a deep connection between some of the largest, most energetic events in the universe and much smaller, weaker ones powered by our own ...
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Hyperfast White Dwarf Stars Provide Clues for Understanding Supernovae

Scientists have used computer modeling to show how a hypothesized type of supernova would evolve on the scale of thousands of years, giving researchers a way to look for examples of supernovae of ...

Astronomers Find 'Gold Standard' Star in Milky Way

In our sun's neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy is a relatively bright star, and in it, astronomers have been able to identify the widest range of elements in a star beyond our solar system ...

In a Pair of Merging Supermassive Black Holes, a New Method for Measuring the Void

Researchers have devised a potentially easier way of gazing into the abyss. Their imaging technique could allow astronomers to study black holes smaller than M87's, a monster with a mass of 6.5 ...

Research Breakthrough Means Warp Speed 'Unruh Effect' Can Finally Be Tested in Lab Settings

A major hurdle for work at the forefront of fundamental physics is the inability to test cutting-edge theories in a laboratory setting. But a recent discovery opens the door for scientists to see ...

Hubble Reveals Surviving Companion Star in Aftermath of Supernova

It's not unheard of to find a surviving star at the scene of a titanic supernova explosion, which would be expected to obliterate everything around it, but new research has provided a ...

Scientists Find Elusive Gas from Post-Starburst Galaxies Hiding in Plain Sight

Post-starburst galaxies were previously thought to scatter all of their gas and dust -- the fuel required for creating new stars -- in violent bursts of energy, and with extraordinary speed. Now, new ...

Astronomers Identify Likely Location of Medium-Sized Black Holes

Intermediate-mass black holes are notoriously hard to find but a new study indicates there may be some at the center of dense, star clusters located throughout the universe. A study now sheds new ...

Phase Transitions in the Early Universe and Their Signals

The early universe may chirp about unknown physics. A research team has demonstrated how an early universe phase transition will lead to gravitational wave signals potentially visible in the upcoming ...

Hubble Sheds Light on Origins of Supermassive Black Holes

Astronomers have identified a rapidly growing black hole in the early universe that is considered a crucial 'missing link' between young star-forming galaxies and the first supermassive ...

Astronomers Have Spotted the Farthest Galaxy Ever

An international team of astronomers has spotted the most distant astronomical object ever: a galaxy. Shining only approximately 300 million years after the Big Bang, it may be home to the oldest ...

Astronomers Detect 'Galactic Space Laser'

A powerful radio-wave laser, called a 'megamaser', has been observed by the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa. The record-breaking find is the most distant megamaser of its kind ever ...

Record Broken: Hubble Spots Farthest Star Ever Seen

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has established an extraordinary new benchmark: detecting the light of a star that existed within the first billion years after the universe's birth in the big ...

Ancient Helium Leaking from Core Offers Clues to Earth's Formation

Helium-3, a rare isotope of helium gas, is leaking out of Earth's core, a new study reports. Because almost all helium-3 is from the Big Bang, the gas leak adds evidence that Earth formed inside ...

Scientists Develop the Largest, Most Detailed Model of the Early Universe to Date

Thesan is a new universe simulation that models the first billion years of the universe with the highest resolution, over the largest volume, to ...

Astronomers Closer to Unlocking Origin of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

Nearly 15 years after the discovery of fast radio bursts (FRBs), the origin of the millisecond-long, deep-space cosmic explosions remains a mystery.  That may soon change, thanks to the work of an ...

Moon's Orbit Proposed as a Gravitational Wave Detector

Researchers propose using the variations in distance between the Earth and the Moon, which can be measured with a precision of less than a centimeter, as a new gravitational wave detector within a ...

Combing the Cosmos: New Color Catalog Aids Hunt for Life on Frozen Worlds

Aided by microbes found in the subarctic conditions of Canada's Hudson Bay, an international team of scientists has created the first color catalog of icy planet surface signatures to uncover ...

Black Hole Billiards in the Centers of Galaxies

Researchers provide the first plausible explanation to why one of the most massive black hole pairs observed to date by gravitational waves also seemed to merge on a non-circular orbit. Their ...

Mathematical Discovery Could Shed Light on Secrets of the Universe

How can Einstein's theory of gravity be unified with quantum mechanics? It is a challenge that could give us deep insights into phenomena such as black holes and the birth of the universe. Now, ...

Dark Energy: Neutron Stars Will Tell Us If It's Only an Illusion

Scientists provide the first simulation of neutron star collisions in extensions of general relativity relevant for cosmology, offering a new approach to test ...

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