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June 26, 2022

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New research suggests an unseen 'mirror world' of particles that interacts with our world only via gravity that might be the key to solving a major puzzle in cosmology today ...

Spinning Stars Shed New Light on Strange Signal Coming from Galactic Center

Researchers have found an alternative explanation for a mysterious gamma-ray signal coming from the center of the galaxy, which was long claimed as a signature of dark ...

Mathematical Discovery Could Shed Light on Secrets of the Universe

How can Einstein's theory of gravity be unified with quantum mechanics? It is a challenge that could give us deep insights into phenomena such as black holes and the birth of the universe. Now, a new ...

Dark Energy: Neutron Stars Will Tell Us If It's Only an Illusion

Scientists provide the first simulation of neutron star collisions in extensions of general relativity relevant for cosmology, offering a new approach to test ...
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Assessing and Optimizing the Quality of Sensor Networks

When building sensor networks, it can be extremely challenging for researchers to determine how the sensors should be arranged to obtain optimal results. New research proposes a new way to quantify ...

New Treasure Trove of Globular Clusters Holds Clues About Galaxy Evolution

Using observations of Centaurus A, a nearby elliptical galaxy, obtained with the Gaia space telescope and ground-based instruments under the PISCeS survey, a team of astronomers presents an ...

Twelve for Dinner: The Milky Way’s Feeding Habits Shine a Light on Dark Matter

Astronomers are one step closer to revealing the properties of dark matter enveloping our Milky Way galaxy, thanks to a new map of twelve streams of stars orbiting within our galactic ...

Are Black Holes and Dark Matter the Same?

Astrophysicists suggest that primordial black holes account for all dark matter in the ...

Optical Cavities Could Be Key to Next Generation Interferometers

A new concept has been developed that has the potential to assist new instruments in the investigation of fundamental science topics such as gravitational waves and dark ...

Evidence Emerges for Dark-Matter Free Galaxies

Astronomers have found no trace of dark matter in the galaxy AGC 114905, despite taking detailed measurements over a course of forty hours with state-of-the-art ...

Astronomers Discover Strangely Massive Black Hole in Milky Way Satellite Galaxy

Astronomers have discovered an unusually massive black hole at the heart of one of the Milky Way's dwarf satellite galaxies, called Leo I. Almost as massive as the black hole in our own galaxy, ...

Amount of Information in Visible Universe Quantified

Researchers have long suspected a connection between information and the physical universe, with various paradoxes and thought experiments used to explore how or why information could be encoded in ...

Part of the Universe’s Missing Matter Found

Galaxies can receive and exchange matter with their external environment thanks to the galactic winds created by stellar explosions. An international research team has now mapped a galactic wind for ...

Have We Detected Dark Energy? Scientists Say It's a Possibility

Dark energy, the mysterious force that causes the universe to accelerate, may have been responsible for unexpected results from the XENON1T experiment, deep below Italy's Apennine ...

Astronomers Spot the Same Supernova Three Times -- And Predict a Fourth Sighting in 16 Years

An enormous amount of gravity from a cluster of distant galaxies causes space to curve so much that light from them is bent and emanated our way from numerous directions. This 'gravitational ...

Largest Virtual Universe Free for Anyone to Explore

An international team of researchers developed the largest and most detailed simulation of the Universe to date and has made it freely available on the cloud to everyone. This simulation, named ...

Astronomers Explain Origin of Elusive Ultradiffuse Galaxies

As their name suggests, ultradiffuse galaxies, or UDGs, are dwarf galaxies whose stars are spread out over a vast region, resulting in extremely low surface brightness, making them very difficult to ...

SuperBIT: A Low-Cost Balloon-Borne Telescope to Rival Hubble

Astronomersand engineers are building a new kind of astronomical telescope. SuperBIT flies above 99.5% of the Earth's atmosphere, carried by a helium balloon the size of a football stadium. The ...

Observation, Simulation, and AI Join Forces to Reveal a Clear Universe

Astronomers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) technique to remove noise in astronomical data due to random variations in galaxy shapes. After extensive training and testing on large ...

Hunting Dark Energy With Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy

Researchers demonstrate a robust experimental technique for studying one particular theory for dark energy. Named 'Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy,' their approach could bring researchers a ...

Throwing an 'Axion Bomb' Into a Black Hole Challenges Fundamental Law of Physics

New research shows how the fundamental law of conservation of charge could break down near a black ...

Hubble Data Confirms Galaxies Lacking Dark Matter

The most accurate distance measurement yet of ultra-diffuse galaxy (UDG) NGC1052-DF2 (DF2) confirms beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is lacking in dark matter. The newly measured distance of 22.1 ...

How a Supermassive Black Hole Originates

How do supermassive black holes in the early universe originate? A team led by a theoretical physicist has come up with an explanation: a massive seed black hole that the collapse of a dark matter ...

Dark Matter Is Slowing the Spin of the Milky Way's Galactic Bar

For 30 years, astrophysicists have predicted such a slowdown, but this is the first time it has been measured. The researchers say it gives a new type of insight into the nature of dark matter, which ...

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