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June 28, 2022

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Long-Term Liquid Water Also on Non-Earth-Like Planets?

Liquid water is an important prerequisite for life to develop on a planet. As researchers report in a new study, liquid water could also exist for billions of years on planets that are very different ...
A new study of an old meteorite contradicts current thinking about how rocky planets like the Earth and Mars acquire volatile elements such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, ...

Scientists on the Hunt for Planetary Formation Fossils Reveal Unexpected Eccentricities in Nearby Debris Disk

Astronomers have imaged the debris disk of the nearby star HD 53143 at millimeter wavelengths for the first time, and it looks nothing like they ...

Dead Star's Cannibalism of Its Planetary System Is Most Far-Reaching Ever Witnessed

The violent death throes of a nearby star so thoroughly disrupted its planetary system that the dead star left behind -- known as a white dwarf -- is ...
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Hubble Probes Extreme Weather on Ultra-Hot Jupiters

Astronomers have discovered bloated Jupiter-sized worlds that are so precariously close to their parent star they are being roasted at seething temperatures above 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. ...

'Prenatal' Protoplanet Upends Planet Formation Models

An international research team has discovered a new planet so young that it has yet to emerge from the womb of matter where it is forming. This is the youngest protoplanet discovered to date. ...

Methane Could Be the First Detectable Indication of Life Beyond Earth

A new study assesses the planetary context in which the detection of methane in an exoplanet's atmosphere could be considered a compelling sign of ...

Look! Up in the Sky! Is It a Planet? Nope, Just a Star

Among thousands of known exoplanets, astronomers have flagged three that are actually ...

Astronomers Discover Largest Molecule Yet in a Planet-Forming Disc

Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile, researchers have for the first time detected dimethyl ether in a planet-forming disc. With nine atoms, this is the largest ...

NASA's Roman Mission Could Snap First Image of a Jupiter-Like World

NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, now under construction, will test new technologies for space-based planet hunting. The mission aims to photograph worlds and dusty disks around nearby ...

'Tatooine-Like' Exoplanet Spotted by Ground-Based Telescope

A rare exoplanet which orbits around two stars at once has been detected using a ground-based telescope. The planet, called Kepler-16b, has so far only been seen using the Kepler space telescope. It ...

A 'Hot Jupiter’s' Dark Side Is Revealed in Detail for First Time

Astronomers have obtained the clearest view yet of the perpetual dark side of an exoplanet that is 'tidally locked' to its star. The planet is WASP-121b, a massive gas giant nearly twice ...

Planetary Bodies Observed for First Time in 'Habitable Zone' of Dead Star

A ring of planetary debris studded with moon-sized structures has been observed orbiting close to a white dwarf star, hinting at a nearby planet in the 'habitable zone' where water and life ...

New Planet Detected Around Proxima Centauri, Closest Star Our Solar System

Astronomers have found evidence of another planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System. This candidate planet is the third detected in the system and the lightest yet ...

Puffy Planets Lose Atmospheres, Become Super-Earths

Astronomers have identified two different cases of 'mini-Neptune' planets that are losing their puffy atmospheres and likely transforming into ...

Moons May Yield Clues to What Makes Planets Habitable

Because the moon is so important to life on Earth, scientists conjecture that a moon may be a potentially beneficial feature in harboring life on other planets. Most planets have moons, but ...

Even Dying Stars Can Still Give Birth to Planets

Planets are usually not much older than the stars around which they revolve. Take the Sun: it was born 4.6 billion years ago, and not long after that, Earth came into the world. But astronomers have ...

Extreme Exoplanet Has a Complex and Exotic Atmosphere

An international team analyzed the atmosphere of one of the most extreme known planets in great detail. The results from this hot, Jupiter-like planet that was first characterized with the help of ...

Unusual Team Finds Gigantic Planet Hidden in Plain Sight

An astronomer and a group of eagle-eyed citizen scientists have discovered a giant gas planet hidden from view by typical stargazing ...

Newly-Found Planets on the Edge of Destruction

Astronomers have found three Jupiter-like exoplanets that are dangerously close to being 'swallowed up' by their host stars. The discovery gives new insight into how planetary systems ...

New Insights Into Seasons on a Planet Outside Our Solar System

Imagine being in a place where the winds are so strong that they move at the speed of sound. That's just one aspect of the atmosphere on XO-3b, one of a class of exoplanets (planets outside our ...

Rugby Ball-Shaped Exoplanet Discovered

With the help of the CHEOPS space telescope, an international team was able to detect the deformation of an exoplanet for the first time. Due to strong tidal forces, the appearance of the planet ...

Eccentric Exoplanet Discovered

An international research team has discovered a sub-Neptune exoplanet orbiting a red dwarf ...

Astronomers Uncover Largest Group of Rogue Planets Yet

Rogue planets are elusive cosmic objects that have masses comparable to those of the planets in our Solar System but do not orbit a star, instead roaming freely on their own. Not many were known ...

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