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June 28, 2022

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Long-Term Liquid Water Also on Non-Earth-Like Planets?

Liquid water is an important prerequisite for life to develop on a planet. As researchers report in a new study, liquid water could also exist for billions of years on planets that are very different ...

Mysterious 'Blue Blobs' Reveal a New Kind of Star System

Astronomers identify a new class of stellar system. They're not quite galaxies and only exist in ...

Watching the Death of a Rare Giant Star

Extreme supergiant stars known as hypergiants are very rare, with only a few known to exist in the Milky Way. By tracing molecular emissions in the outflows around the red hypergiant star VY Canis ...

Astronomers Find Evidence for Most Powerful Pulsar in Distant Galaxy

Astronomers using data from the VLA Sky Survey have discovered one of the youngest known neutron stars -- possibly as young as only 14 years. The dense remnant of a supernova explosion was revealed ...
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Simulations Reveal Hydrodynamics of Planetary Engulfment by Expanding Star

A new study using hydrodynamical simulations reveals the forces acting on a planet when it is swallowed by an expanding star. The results show that the interactions of a substellar body (a planet or ...

Astronomers have discovered what may be a free-floating black hole by observing the brightening of a more distant star as its light was distorted by the object's strong gravitational field -- ...

Ground-Breaking Number of Brown Dwarfs Discovered

Brown dwarfs, mysterious objects that straddle the line between stars and planets, are essential to our understanding of both stellar and planetary populations. However, only 40 brown dwarfs could be ...

Yoyo Stars Responsible for Off-Center Bubbles

Astronomers have developed a new code to simulate the formation of a cluster of baby stars. Comparison with the well-known real case of the Orion Nebula shows that its off-center bubble of ionized ...

Astronomy Team Finds Evidence of Galactic Metal Shrouded in Dust

Using NASA's SOFIA observatory and other data resources, an international team of astronomers has uncovered evidence of metals in local galaxies -- found to be deficient in earlier studies -- by ...

Supermassive Black Holes Inside of Dying Galaxies Detected in Early Universe

An international team of astronomers used a database combining observations from the best telescopes in the world, including the Subaru Telescope, to detect the signal from the active supermassive ...

Why Haven't We Discovered Co-Orbital Exoplanets? Could Tides Offer a Possible Answer?

So far, we haven't discovered any exoplanets with co-orbital objects. A new study suggests tides could be causing oscillations that remove co-orbitals before we can find ...

New Discovery About Distant Galaxies: Stars Are More Massive Than We Thought

A team of astrophysicists has arrived at a major result regarding star populations beyond the Milky Way. The result could change our understanding of a wide range of astronomical phenomena, including ...

AI Reveals Unsuspected Math Underlying Search for Exoplanets

The astronomers' goal: find an artificial intelligence algorithm to interpret microlensing events captured by the upcoming Roman Space Telescope and speed detection of exoplanets around other ...

Astronomers Find Hidden Trove of Massive Black Holes

Astronomers have found a previously overlooked treasure trove of massive black holes in dwarf galaxies. The newly discovered black holes offer a glimpse into the life story of the supermassive black ...

Planets of Binary Stars as Possible Homes for Alien Life

Nearly half of Sun-size stars are binary. According to new research, planetary systems around binary stars may be very different from those around single stars. This points to new targets in the ...

Extraterrestrial Stone Brings First Supernova Clues to Earth

The extraterrestrial Hypatia stone found in Egypt could be the first tangible evidence on Earth of a supernova type Ia explosion. These rare supernovas are some of the most energetic events in the ...

Hyperfast White Dwarf Stars Provide Clues for Understanding Supernovae

Scientists have used computer modeling to show how a hypothesized type of supernova would evolve on the scale of thousands of years, giving researchers a way to look for examples of supernovae of ...

Explosion on a White Dwarf Observed

When stars like our Sun use up all their fuel, they shrink to form white dwarfs. Sometimes such dead stars flare back to life in a super hot explosion and produce a fireball of X-ray radiation. A ...

Researchers Reveal the Origin Story for Carbon-12, a Building Block for Life

After running simulations on the world's most powerful supercomputer, an international team of researchers has developed a theory for the nuclear structure and origin of carbon-12, the stuff of ...

Astronomers Find 'Gold Standard' Star in Milky Way

In our sun's neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy is a relatively bright star, and in it, astronomers have been able to identify the widest range of elements in a star beyond our solar system ...

Hubble Reveals Surviving Companion Star in Aftermath of Supernova

It's not unheard of to find a surviving star at the scene of a titanic supernova explosion, which would be expected to obliterate everything around it, but new research has provided a ...

Astronomers Discover a Rare 'Black Widow' Binary, With the Shortest Orbit Yet

Astronomers discovered a 'black widow binary' -- a rapidly spinning neutron star circling and slowly consuming a smaller companion star. Named ZTF J1406+1222, the pair has the shortest ...

Younger Exoplanets Are Better Candidates When Looking for Other Earths

As the scientific community searches for worlds orbiting nearby stars that could potentially harbor life, new research suggests that younger rocky exoplanets are more likely to support temperate, ...

Spinning Stars Shed New Light on Strange Signal Coming from Galactic Center

Researchers have found an alternative explanation for a mysterious gamma-ray signal coming from the center of the galaxy, which was long claimed as a signature of dark ...

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