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June 26, 2022

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How the Brain Says 'Oops!'

Researchers have uncovered how signals from a group of neurons in the brain's frontal lobe simultaneously give humans the flexibility to learn new tasks -- and the focus to develop highly specific ...

Highway Death Toll Messages Cause More Crashes

Displaying the highway death toll on message boards is a common awareness campaign, but new research shows this tactic actually leads to more crashes. This new study evaluated the effect of ...

Are 'Person' or 'People' Gender-Neutral Concepts? New Study Finds Male Tilt in Analysis of Billions of Words

The concept of a 'person' or 'people' is, despite its definition, not gender-neutral when it comes to how we use these terms. In fact, we tend to ...

Seen and 'Herd': Collective Motion in Crowds Is Largely Determined by Participants' Field of Vision

Researchers have developed a new model to predict human flocking behavior based on optics and other sensory ...
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Are People Swapping Their Cats and Goldfish for Praying Mantises?

Praying mantises have gained recent popularity as pets, sold at animal fairs and pet markets, but also collected in the wild by a fast-growing community of hobbyists and professional marketers. An ...

Anticipation and Accents: Talking Like a Southerner Even If You're Not

Linguistic convergence refers to temporary (and often subtle) shifts in speech to sound more similar to those around us. A new study shows that even our expectations about how other people might ...

Physics Race Pits Usain Bolt Against Jurassic Park Dinosaur

A physics professor has developed an innovative activity that poses the question: Is Usain Bolt faster than a 900-pound ...

People Prefer Interacting With Female Robots in Hotels, Study Finds

People are more comfortable talking to female rather than male robots working in service roles in hotels, according to new research. The study, which surveyed about 170 people on hypothetical service ...

COVID-19 Mobile Robot Could Detect and Tackle Social Distancing Breaches

A new strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 employs a mobile robot that detects people in crowds who are not observing social-distancing rules, navigates to them, and encourages them to move ...

Nonverbal Social Interactions – Even With Unfriendly Avatars – Boost Cooperation

Scientists used animated humanoid avatars to study how nonverbal cues influence people's behavior. The research offers insight into the brain mechanisms that drive social and economic ...

Drivers Pick, Rub and Scratch Their Faces Nearly 30 Times an Hour, Study Finds

New research has found that drivers touch their face 26 times an hour on average, potentially spreading germs and infection, if handwashing is ...

The Ethics of Digital Technology in the Food Sector – the Future of Data Sharing

Imagine a world in which smart packaging for supermarket ready meals updates you in real-time to tell you about carbon footprints, gives live warnings on product recalls, and instant safety alerts ...

Researchers Find Repeated Link Between Volcanic Eruptions and Dynastic Collapse in China's Imperial Era

Volcanic eruptions may have triggered abrupt climate changes contributing to the repeated collapse of Chinese dynasties over the past 2,000 years, according to new research. The study also ...

Researchers Use Classical Music to Make Protein Songs More Pleasant to Listen to

In recent years, scientists have created music based on the structure of proteins as a creative way to better popularize science to the general public, but the resulting songs haven't always ...

Do Alexa and Siri Make Kids Bossier? New Research Suggests You Might Not Need to Worry

A team studied whether hanging out with conversational agents, such as Alexa or Siri, could affect the way children communicate with their fellow ...

What to Call Seafood Made from Fish Cells

Food companies, regulators, marketers, journalists and others should use the terms 'cell-based' or 'cell-cultured' when labeling and talking about seafood products made from the ...

Rounding Errors Could Make Certain Stopwatches Pick Wrong Race Winners, Researchers Show

Simulated swimming race times show a small number of times recorded on quartzite oscillator-based devices are off by margins large enough to determine ...

Untrained Beer Drinkers Can Taste Different Barley Genotypes

When it comes to craft beer, the flavor doesn't have to be all in the hops. As a panel of amateur beer tasters at Washington State University recently demonstrated, malted barley, the number one ...

Business Use of Avatars

An associate professor of marketing says digital avatars can replace a sales force and customer service employees at a fraction of the ...

Brain Circuit for Spirituality?

Using datasets from neurosurgical patients and those with brain lesions, researchers mapped lesion locations associated with spiritual and religious belief to a specific human brain ...

Underground Fiber Optic Sensors Record Sounds of COVID Lockdown, Reopening

In March 2020, daily life in the United States changed in an instant as the country locked down to deal with the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. New research reveals how residents in one ...

Tracking Data Show How the Quiet of Pandemic-Era Lockdowns Allowed Pumas to Venture Closer to Urban Areas

Researchers were able to clearly connect declining levels of human mobility during regional shelter-in-place orders with pumas' increased willingness to utilize more urban habitat ...

Sports: Men and Women React Differently to a Missing Audience

Without an audience, men run slower and women faster: The lack of spectators during the coronavirus pandemic appears to have had a noticeable effect on the performance of athletes at the 2020 ...

Best Strategy to Reduce Human-Bear Conflict

Conservationists have long warned of the dangers associated with bears becoming habituated to life in urban areas. Yet, it appears the message hasn't gotten through to everyone. News reports ...

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