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June 28, 2022

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Researchers have found that one key role of the neuromodulator noradrenaline, produced by the locus coeruleus, is to help the brain learn from ...

Lead Exposure in Last Century Shrank IQ Scores of Half of Americans, Study Finds

Researchers calculate that exposure to car exhaust from leaded gas during childhood stole a collective 824 million IQ points from over 170 million ...

Onset of Modern Sea Level Rise Began in 1863, Study Finds

Scientists have found that modern rates of sea level rise began emerging in 1863 as the Industrial Age intensified, coinciding with evidence for early ocean warming and glacier melt. The study, ...

'Math Neurons' Identified in the Brain

The brain has neurons that fire specifically during certain mathematical operations. The findings indicate that some of the neurons detected are active exclusively during additions, while others are ...
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Association Between Children Conceived Via Infertility Treatments and Education and Mental Health Outcomes

Children conceived through medically assisted reproduction (MAR) fare better at school but are more likely to have mental health problems by their late teens, according to a new ...

Global Food Supply-Chain Issues Call for Solutions

A new study sheds light on how trade, and centrality in the global wheat trade network, affect food security. The study shows that many countries depend on trade to fulfill their food needs. Further, ...

Study Shows Link Between Cyberbullying and Suicidality in Early Adolescence

Researchers found that targets of cyberbullying were more likely to report suicidal thoughts and attempts, above and beyond offline ...

Women Achieving Childbearing Desires Drives Contraception Use

The increased use of contraception in many countries is not because more women at any moment want to delay pregnancy or have no further children. Instead, it is because contraception is helping more ...

Default Options Facilitate Faster Carbon Offsetting in Air Travel

Economists find that many air travelers more readily choose faster, but more expensive carbon offsetting options online if selecting a slower option requires action. However, the readiness to do so ...

Cardiac Rehab Attendance Lower Among Asian, Black and Hispanic Adults at All Income Levels, Study Finds

In a study of more than 107,000 people eligible for cardiac rehabilitation programs, Asian, Black and Hispanic adults were significantly less likely to attend cardiac rehabilitation programs compared ...

'Structural Racism' Cited in Study of Breast-Biopsy Delays

Black and Asian women are more likely than white women to experience significant delays in getting breast biopsies after a mammogram identifies an abnormality. Moreover, those delays appear to be ...

Can Robotics Help Us Achieve Sustainable Development?

Scientists have assessed how robotics and autonomous systems might facilitate or impede the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their findings identify key opportunities and key ...

Offshore Wind Farms Expected to Reduce Clam Fishery Revenue, Study Finds

An important East Coast shellfish industry is projected to suffer revenue losses as offshore wind energy develops along the U.S. Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts, according to two recent ...

Attitudes Around Older Motherhood Too Often Emphasize Risk and Pregnancy Timing

A political science professor argues that much of the official language around older motherhood is rooted in both ageism and ableism, as well as being out of step with current childbirth trends. The ...

Fights in Pro Hockey Don't Deter Greater Violence, Study Finds

Allowing fights among players in the National Hockey Leagues does not deter greater violence in the modern game, according to a new ...

Women in Science Receive Less Credit for Their Contributions

Women in science are less likely than their male counterparts to receive authorship credit for the work they do, new research finds. Researchers for the first time used a large set of administrative ...

75% of Teens Aren't Getting Recommended Daily Exercise

Three out of every four teens aren't getting enough exercise, and this lack is even more pronounced among female students. But new research suggests improving a school's climate can ...

Robots Turn Racist and Sexist With Flawed AI, Study Finds

A robot operating with a popular Internet-based artificial intelligence system consistently gravitates to men over women, white people over people of color, and jumps to conclusions about ...

Wildlife--Human Conflicts Could Shift With Climate Change

Researchers modeled the risk of human -- elephant conflict in Thailand under different climate change scenarios using a risk framework. A spatial shift in the risk of conflict was observed with ...

Melting Arctic Ice Could Transform International Shipping Routes, Study Finds

Melting ice in the Arctic Ocean could yield new trade routes in international waters, reducing the shipping industry's carbon footprint and weakening Russia's control over trade routes ...

Science Coverage of Climate Change Can Change Minds

Science reporting on climate change does lead Americans to adopt more accurate beliefs and support government action on the issue -- but these gains are fragile, a new study ...

Who Benefits from Brain Training and Why?

If you are skilled at playing puzzles on your smartphone or tablet, what does it say about how fast you learn new puzzles, or, more broadly, how well you can focus, say, in school or at work? Or, in ...

Fifth of Global Food-Related Emissions Due to Transport

Food transport constitutes 19 percent of food emissions, equivalent to 6 percent of emissions from all sources. High-income countries are responsible for nearly half of these emissions, leading ...

Scientists Conceptualize a Species 'Stock Market' to Put a Price Tag on Actions Posing Risks to Biodiversity

Species have intrinsic value, but also provide ecosystem services of major economic value, for example, bees that pollinate our crops. However, as such values are hard to translate into figures, ...

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